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Browse and click on the links below to see Charts on Consumer Attitudes. This section covers surveys of public opinion in different markets on issues such as family roles, the environment and shopping. Our Charts are continually updated and the most recently-published appears at the top.

Where the data in a Chart has come from a Warc article, we have provided a link in the Chart’s source to the original article. You will need to view the Chart in the PowerPoint Slide Show setting to activate this link.

Motivations that drive youth behaviour globally, 2011
Internet users by global region, 2011
Internet users by age group, 2011
Attitudes to brands and social status by tier group in China, 2011
Most important factor when deciding to purchase in China, 2011
Favourite leisure destinations in Hong Kong, 2010
Top 10 favourite leisure destinations in Malaysia, 2010
Favourite leisure destinations in Philippines, 2010
Priorities of Asian 15-24 years old by country, 2010
US perceptions of parenthood compared with 30 years ago
Where Chinese mothers seek information
Online purchases by Asian mothers in past 12 months
Parental purchase decisions
Media consumption of Asian mothers
What do Asian mothers do online?
Activities of senior citizens in Latin America, 2010
Senior citizens’ relationship with marketing in Latin America, 2010
Personality characteristics that senior citizens relate to in Latin America, 2010
Sensitivity to promotions in APAC by country, 2010
Awareness of prices of grocery items in APAC by country, 2010
Habitual store choice in APAC by country, 2010
Attributes of US indecisive versus non-indecisive shoppers, 2010
Feelings of control of US indecisive versus non-indecisive shoppers, 2010
Differences in attitudes between US faith-based and non-faith-based shoppers, 2010