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Brand Learning Name: Brand Learning
Job Title: The Capable Marketer

Our passion at Brand Learning is to transform the marketing capabilities and commercial performance of people, teams and organisations across the world. We have supported over 120 multi-national organisations such as Unilever, Kellogg, PepsiCo, Astra Zeneca, Bacardi, Vodafone and Shell in over 60 countries.

Brand Learning offers a unique blend of expertise in both Marketing and Learning. We build enduring, strategic relationships, working in close partnership with our clients to capture and leverage marketing best practice. Our aim is to create tangible changes in the way organisations and people work so that they can become more effective in driving demand-led growth and delivering superior customer value. We work on all the key drivers of marketing capability i.e. Processes/Tools , Skills , Organisation, People (Attraction, Recruitment & Development) and Culture Change.

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