MarketingExplore brands and branding, marketing management and strategy, innovation and NPD, corporate social responsibility and related issues plus market segmentation and segmentation techniques.

Brand types
Brand extensions
Brand models, architecture
Challenger brands
Corporate brands
Luxury brands
Private and own label brands
Service brands

Brands and branding
Brand and product choice
Brand equity and strength
Brand identity and image
Brand launches and relaunches
Brand loyalty
Brand positioning and repositioning
Brand strategy
Brand theories and ideas
Brand valuation
Naming and licensing brands
Partnership, co-branding

Corporate issues
Corporate culture
Corporate governance
Corporate social responsibility
Corporate strategy
Mergers and acquisitions
Role of the marketing function

Economics and markets
Ad spend, economic forecasts
Developing, emerging, growth markets
Economic trends
History of marketing
Market size and advertising

Marketing management
Accountability and ROI
Brand management
Budgets and procurement
Data management
Human Resources
Information technology
Marketing management ideas and practice
Retailer relationships
Sales and distribution

Marketing strategy
Competitor analysis
Growth and expansion
Incubators, start-ups, entrepreneurship
Innovation and NPD
International marketing
Launches and relaunches
Modelling and forecasting
Pricing strategy
Strategy development
Theories and ideas of marketing strategy

Segmenting markets
Consumer targeting and techniques
Demographic and socio-economic segmentation
Geodemographic and regional segmentation
Lifestyle and lifestage segmentation
Media use segmentation
Psychographic segmentation