Market research

Market researchFind papers on data collection and analysis methods, qualitative techniques and insight generation, planning and managing research projects, plus industry standards and codes of conduct.

Data analysis
Choice and behaviour modelling
Conjoint analysis
Data fusion
Data mining
Data processing
Demographic, socio-economic classification
Lifestyle and psychographics
Multivariate analysis and modelling
Photo and video analysis
Qualitative and verbatim data
Simulation, agent-based modelling
Statistical data analysis
Technological solutions to data analysis

Data collection
Brainstorming and generating ideas
Collaboration and co-creation
Computer-aided and technological solutions
Consumer and shopper panels
Database use
Ethnography and observation
Eye-tracking and visibility research
Mobile devices
Mystery shopping
Neuroscience and biometric methods
Online communities
Online market research
Postal surveys
Qualiquant, mixed mode
Quantitative data collection
Scanner panels, retail audit
Social listening, real time research
Telephone surveys
Virtual reality and simulation methods

Issues and standards
Attitudes to market research
Client-researcher relationships
Industry status and trends
Market research codes of conduct
Market research quality standards
Market research recruitment and training
Researching sensitive topics
Respondent quality and bias
Response rates, co-operation, engagement

Planning and managing projects
Insight and interpretation
Market research output and reporting
Market research project design
Market research project management
Research quality checking, error control
Sampling and statistics
Survey and questionnaire design

Project types and objectives
International market research
Motivation research
Opinion polls, political research
Packaging and design research
Prediction and forecasting research
Test marketing

Bricolage and semiotics
Focus groups, workshops
Projective and collage techniques
Qualitative theories and methods
Reliability of qualitative research
Research analysis and reporting
Specific uses of qualitative research