Promotional Marketing Council

The European Federation of Sales Promotion (EFSP) was founded in 1980, and changed its name to the Promotional Marketing Council of Europe in September 2003 when it became a part of the European Association of Communication Agencies (EACA).

PMC's objectives are to assist the development of the sales promotion industry throughout Europe, present a professional image for the industry, to facilitate cross-border promotional activity and to increase understanding of the different market conditions and legislation which exists in the various member countries.

To promote quality throughout the industry, the PMC also runs the annual EACA PMC European Awards. These recognise Europe's best promotional marketing campaigns, in terms of creativity in communication and media use, innovation, relevance and results. In addition, with the move toward harmonisation of consumer laws across Europe, there is an increasing need to ensure that any changes to EU or Country legislation allows the industry to continue to flourish and grow, free of unnecessary restraints. A large part of the work of the PMC is therefore spent on lobbying within Europe to achieve these aims.




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