USA TouchPoints

USA TouchPoints is is the only nationally projectable syndicated survey to deliver insights into how American consumers live their lives across an entire week. The service delivers insights to key elements of consumer behavior that inform integrated marketing and communications strategy, the identification of key moments of receptivity and a deeper understanding of the consumer journey right up to the moment of purchase or other key business-critical events.

The data delivered reveals

  • Where the target audience is
  • What they are doing
  • Who they are with
  • How they are feeling (mood / emotion)
  • How they are using media…

… half-hour by half-hour throughout the day and week.

Our sample is a re-contact of GfK MRI's Survey of the American Consumer which enables analysis of brand users and other targets to inform integrated marketing planning, campaign planning, consumer insights development, new business pitches, media allocation and more.

USA TouchPoints is a service of Media Behavior Institute and is based on the Touchpoints service developed in the UK by the IPA, with which Media Behavior Institute has a global partnership.


USA Touchpoints


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