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Radio adspend on course for best year since 2003
Posted by: James McDonald, Research Analyst, Warc
James McDonald

After recording a dip in advertising spend in 2013, radio has started the year positively, according to the latest data from the Advertising Association/Warc Expenditure Report.

Traditional radio adspend (excluding branded content) totalled £426m in 2013, marking a 2.9% fall year-on-year and some £120m less than its peak nine years ago. In real terms (after accounting for inflation) the 2013 total was £337m, and representative of a 5.3% annual decline at 2005 prices.

But this looks set to change in 2014. Data show that radio adspend has started this year strongly, rising by 5.7% in Q1 compared with last year to £113m. This rate of growth is greater than the all-media total of 5% for Q1, suggesting things are looking up for the sector.


Subjects: Data, Media

21 July 2014 15:23

Roti, pay phones and the moon: Using unconventional media to get your message across
Posted by: Emily Barley, Editorial Assistant, Warc
Emily Barley

Sometimes the answer to your media question is hiding in plain sight. Well the campaigns that follow have moved beyond the traditional versus digital/social media debate and used an ubiquitous yet unexpected object to carry their brand message.

And once people's attention had been grabbed, they used some more familiar media to drive their business goals.

Warc subscribers can click through to read the full case studies, read more case studies from the North American Effies, Cannes Lions and UK APG awards, or explore our case finder and index tools.


Subjects: Media, Marketing

03 July 2014 15:21

How to deliver a mobile first strategy
Posted by: James Aitchison, Director, Warc
James Aitchison

The latest content on Warc includes a detailed look at creating a "mobile first" strategy, ad research papers from the ARF's Re:Think event, insights on Latin America and a range of reports from conferences around the world. There's also news on the Warc Prize for Innovation 2014 which is now open for entries.

Read on for all the news - and to receive content updates like this by monthly email, visit: Your Warc > Email Alerts.


Subjects: Media, Advertising

19 May 2014 16:36

Tracking media consumption: Lessons from the World Cup
Posted by: Lena Roland, Knowledge Officer, Warc
Lena Roland

As industrialist John Wanamaker famously put it: "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."

A fast moving, ever-evolving media landscape means brands have a plethora of media platforms to choose from to engage with their consumers and prospective customers. But an abundance of choice has made once relatively straightforward budget allocation decisions all the more challenging. Reaching the right consumer, with the right message at the right time, in the right environment has never been more complicated.

So which media channel will generate optimum ROI? We've dug into Warc's database of cases, articles and research papers to find some answers – and found two different approaches based around the 2010 World Cup, one of the biggest "brand events" there is.


Subjects: Media, Data

12 May 2014 15:24

Comparing BBC Three and ITV2
Posted by: MEC

Rebecca Newman, Research Executive at MEC, explains how, using Media Z, the brand health study, MEC examined the characteristics of the television channels BBC Three and ITV2.

On 5 March 2014, it was announced that BBC Three would cease broadcasting on Freeview and satellite and become available online only. This is due to £100 million-worth of cuts at the corporation. This caused backlash from some viewers and a petition was set up to try to save the channel. There were 97,381 tweets (Sysomos) including the hashtag #SaveBBC3 within eight days of the announcement, signalling huge support for the campaign. BBC Three aims its content at a younger audience, those in the 16-34 year-old age group, focusing on new talent and new technologies.


Subjects: Media, Brands

16 April 2014 16:44

The future of advertising is really about better media
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by John Drake, vp of brand strategy at Drake Cooper. He blogs regularly on campaign planning.

Recently I logged in to Twitter and received a promoted tweet from Amazon. The tweet said "50% off today's Deal of the Day!" I clicked. Waiting for me was a product page of great deals on a clothing brand I had previously searched. There was a 50% off deal on a t-shirt. Because I have a relationship with Amazon Prime a click or two purchased that item and shipped it to my house. I clicked back in to Twitter to resume what I was doing. The whole thing took under 45 seconds.


Subjects: Advertising, Media

15 April 2014 13:02

Shape the debate - Why and how is programmatic changing advertising? Take part in the new research from Warc and AppNexus
Posted by: Catherine Gardner, Relationship Manager, Warc
Catherine Gardner

There's no argument that programmatic advertising is a hot topic. At a packed session at Advertising Week Europe, David Tiltman, Head of Content at Warc, and Graham Wylie, Marketing Director EMEA of AppNexus, explained that they are moving the conversation on from "What is programmatic?" to why programmatic is growing so fast and how advertisers can use it most effectively for their business.

The 'why' and 'how' of programmatic is also the topic of a new AppNexus research study, launched at the event. Working with Warc, the study looks at the evolution of digital advertising and programmatic across Europe. Aiming to be one of the largest studies on programmatic yet undertaken, it explores adoption across advertisers, agencies and media. To join this important project and receive a copy of the results, please take a moment to fill in this survey.


Subjects: Media, Digital

10 April 2014 09:31

Top content marketing insights from 6 industry leaders
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Anton Buchner, a senior consultant with TrinityP3. Anton is a lateral and innovative thinker with a passion for refocusing business teams and strategies; creating visionary, data driven communication plans; and making sense of a more complex digital marketing environment.

TrinityP3, in conjunction with Warc and King Content ran a half day seminar on "How to be an effective content marketer". It was a thought-provoking afternoon attended by over 230 marketers. The proceeds ($6,000) were donated to the Charlie Teo Brain Cancer Research Trust.


Subjects: Digital, Marketing, Media

26 March 2014 11:47

Advertising's economic impact: The view from the AA
Posted by: Joseph Clift, Digital Product Manager, Warc
Joseph Clift

Following a winter of what seemed like unbroken rain, there's been a hint of spring in the air these past couple of weeks here in the UK. And the nicer weather's been matched by increased optimism among both British economic and advertising forecasters. Official predictions for 2014 UK GDP growth were revised up to +2.7% earlier this week, suggesting that the economy will at last regain its pre-financial crisis peak this year. And official adspend forecasts from us at Warc and the Advertising Association (AA) show that growth's running at an annual rate of +5.5%.

But what's advertising's actual contribution to broader growth? Recently, the AA's been exploring these links. Advertising Pays, a Deloitte report commissioned by the AA and released in 2013, argued that each £1 invested in advertising pays back £6 in GDP; earlier this year, its follow-up, Advertising Pays 2, identified some potential drivers of future growth. When I caught up with her in London last week, Karen Fraser, the AA's strategy chief, gave me some background on these reports – starting with how small businesses remain perhaps Britain's biggest untapped advertising opportunity.


Subjects: Advertising, Media

20 March 2014 17:47

Native Advertising: the lowdown
Posted by: Lena Roland, Knowledge Officer, Warc
Lena Roland

“It’s advertising, but shouldn’t act like it (even though it should definitely be labelled as such)” – Ryan Skinner, analyst at Forrester

A nascent advertising platform, native advertising is gaining an increasing amount of attention in the marcomms industry. Indeed Warc recently reported that growth in the sector is gathering pace, with Mozilla, the internet browser, joining the likes of other media owners such as Facebook, Hearst Newspapers and Pandora, the music streaming service, in developing native strategies.

So we thought it was time to take a closer look at this growing media platform.


Subjects: Marketing, Media, Digital

21 February 2014 17:21


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