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How will the virtual reality opportunity develop for brands?
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This guest post is written by Ken Parnham, General Manager Europe at Near

Advances in virtual reality have developed rapidly in recent years and technology that was once considered futuristic has finally hit the mainstream. Devices such as Oculus Rift, Samsung’s Gear VR and HTC Vive, and Sony’s soon-to-launch PlayStation VR are making captivating virtual experiences accessible to the masses.


Subjects: Media, Marketing

30 June 2016 14:25

From the wisdom of crowds to the winner's curse, and how Media buyers should zig when the world zags
Posted by: Richard Shotton, Head of Insight, ZenithOptimedia
Richard Shotton

In 1906 Francis Galton, the country's foremost statistician, attended the West of England Fat Stock and Poultry Exhibition and uncovered an intriguing phenomenon.


Subjects: Media, Consumers, Advertising

23 June 2016 15:34

The rise of ACGN culture
Posted by: Edward Bell, CEO, FCB Greater China
Edward Bell

Across North Asia, the murky, semi-closeted 2D world of ACG (Animation, Comic, Game - and now also 'N' for short novel) is aggressively taking territory from the 3D world of traditional culture by breaking down the walls that have kept them apart. And it is profoundly changing the way that brands are behaving.


Subjects: Brands, Media

22 June 2016 14:51

Chatting in China
Posted by: MEC

WeChat has become the Swiss Army knife of the socio-digital world in China, says James Hayle, MEC Social Insight Executive

The Great Firewall of China, the Chinese government's censorship project, blocks many popular western sites and services such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram. In effect, this closes off and isolates an enormous part of the Chinese market from the socio-digital western world. This has enabled a number of hugely popular home-grown state-driven services to emerge, the most prominent of which is WeChat.


Subjects: Media, Data, Advertising

20 June 2016 17:26

Is the lure of shiny new technology killing strategy?
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This guest post is by John Ounpuu who is co-founder of Modern Craft, a digital strategy agency . @jounpuu

Econsultancy recently published a detailed report on Marketing Budgets in 2016. According to its authors, the report is "a bellwether for the health of the marketing industry." This 54-page document contains the word "strategy" a grand total of (wait for it) once.

It's a sign of the times. Because, these days, strategy seems to be falling out of fashion. But why?


Subjects: Digital, Advertising, Media

16 June 2016 11:00

How do you deliver 'strategy beyond campaigns'?
Posted by: David Tiltman, Head of Content, Warc
David Tiltman

Judging by the Account Planning Group's recent conference, there is a fair degree of angst about what the future holds for the marketing strategist.

The APG conference had the title 'Strategy vs Robots', implying a future where strategists or planners are usurped by machines.

At the conference, delegates were relatively upbeat about how machines might augment, rather than replace, their jobs. A talk by Rushi Bhavsar, a young data scientist from Grey London, gave an insight into the kind of skills planners might need in future.


Subjects: Marketing, Media, Data

08 June 2016 12:37

Jim DeLash on the Warc Media Awards: "'context' is the word of the day"
Posted by: Jim DeLash, Director, Multi-channel marketing, Glaxosmithkline
Jim DeLash

Jim DeLash is Director, Multi Channel Marketing Execution, at GlaxoSmithKline US, and a judge on the channel integration panel for Warc's Media Awards.

The following interview was undertaken by Lucy Aitken, who is case study editor at


Subjects: Awards, Media

06 June 2016 17:11

Mad Men needn't be mad at social
Posted by: MEC

Social media hasn't set the ad industry back, nor is it a poor misguided cast-off. Brands that get it right, benefit from campaigns with greater reach, engagement and creativity

By Ed Kitchingman, MEC

Ian Leslie wrote a much-praised piece last year in the Financial Times on How the Mad Men lost the plot. The article critiqued the ad industry and its previous obsession with digital. It's a good read and makes some great points.


Subjects: Media, Advertising

03 June 2016 11:38

AI and WeChat
Posted by: Edward Bell, CEO, FCB Greater China
Edward Bell

Stephen Hawking, among others, has said that artificial intelligence (AI) is the beginning of the end. The end for us, anyway. I must say that I am inclined to agree. Recently, a futurist was telling me that D-Wave, the quantum computing system from Google and NASA, is one million times faster than the fastest computer today. And that IBM's cognitive learning labs are self-learning without any human direction needed. They will be the future of trading and a great many other things.


Subjects: Digital, Data, Media

01 June 2016 15:37

Euro 2016: the hat-trick marketers must shoot for
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This is a guest post by Mark Middlemas, Director of Communications, Northern Europe, RadiumOne

There are three particular characteristics of the way that fans of the upcoming European Football Championships intend to consume its content that provide a veritable goldmine for marketers to exploit. These are the huge amount of second-screening that will go on during TV broadcasts and the increase in the amount of football-related content being shared online and through what channels this will be done.


Subjects: Media, Marketing, Advertising

23 May 2016 15:15


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