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Sharpening your instincts for the Digital Age
Posted by: Brand Learning
Brand Learning

Our instincts are key to survival but as we explore in this blog post, we don’t believe they are enough for us to thrive in such rapidly and dramatically changing digital times.

Last month we delivered a lecture for the London Marketing Academy entitled “From Surviving to Thriving, Sharpening your Instincts for the Digital Age,” in which we covered 4 instincts we need to sharpen for success in the digital age...


Subjects: Digital, Marketing, Brands

16 October 2014 15:51

Neuromarketing's 'dipping point'
Posted by: Joseph Clift, Digital Product Manager, Warc
Joseph Clift

Neuroscience is becoming an increasingly hot topic among marketers – and has now, officially, reached its "dipping point". That's according to Thom Noble, founder of NeuroStrata, who presented at a Warc event focusing on the technique in London this week. "It's 'dipping' in the sense of dipping their toe in the water," he said. "Clients I talked to about this 10 years ago thought I was crazy, but now they are asking me to tell them more about [neuro] stuff. They want to have a go."

And, Noble suggested, this group is increasingly including large ad agencies as well as clients. Planners in particular are showing interest in neuroscience – allying implicit research techniques with their (more traditional) study of the psychology of consumers.


Subjects: Marketing, Warc conferences

16 October 2014 15:13

How marketing can pre-empt digital disruption
Posted by: Brand Learning
Brand Learning
We all know that the impact of digital technologies has changed businesses profoundly. It has created an exciting time for leaders who can create new operating models, strategies and approaches. It is of course, also a challenging time. Change brings uncertainty, resistance and failures as well as successes. We need to keep pace with our customers – but they are transforming their behaviours more quickly than most businesses are able to mirror.

In this blog series, we will take a closer look at the implications of this both on a personal and organisational level. No organisation has ever adapted without inspiring its people to change. And no individuals have effectively transformed an organisation without looking more broadly than the behaviours of a few lone people. Bringing together the individual and organisational is something we believe in passionately, and have written about before.

Subjects: Digital, Marketing, Brands

13 October 2014 09:45

Putting user generated content into brand marketing
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Stéphanie Bouvard, Director Asia-Pacific at the WFA.

We know that consumers will respond to brand messaging but what role should user generated content (UGC) play in brand marketing?

The WFA headed to the Spikes Festival of Creativity in Singapore in September. For the first time we didn't just listen to the best regional and global thinking but also actively participated.

The WFA-moderated panel addressed the key issue of how marketing professionals should approach user-generated content and whether they should embrace or ignore the trend.


Subjects: Digital, Marketing

09 October 2014 10:13

Budgets don't matter
Posted by: Mythbuster, Les Binet and Sarah Carter, DDB

Les Binet and Sarah Carter get a little bit angry about some of the nonsense they hear around them… like the idea that budgets don't matter

Recently, we were given a task by a big multinational. Could we review their research data and look for insights to help them grow market share? We read a mountain of material – everything from packaging semiotics to obscure product usage in emerging markets. But something was missing. In over 2,500 pages of research, there was only one mention of budgets.

To us, this is symptomatic of a trend. People obsess about the architecture of their brands, and the content of their communications. Meanwhile budgets get remarkably little attention.


Subjects: Marketing, Advertising

03 October 2014 14:18

Pushing the Good in Goodvertising
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

An invitation to build lasting brand initiatives called Social Enterprises

This blog is by Ethel Sanchez, Regional Planning Manager at Lowe and Partners Worldwide.

At this point, so much solid proof has been put out there of the tangible and intangible gains brands get to reap for doing good (or as the industry fondly calls it, for effecting positive change in people's lives). I've been closely observing the recent inundation of goodvertising work globally, in awe of the way the world's most creative minds are building brands through ideas that genuinely make the world a better place. I am dreaming of this phenomenon evolving further into development of initiatives with the same power and longevity as the brands they support; initiatives with sustainable impact, not just bursts of brand buzz; initiatives that are self-liquidating, independent of corporate budget allocations generated inevitably through higher pricing.

I think it's just a step away.


Subjects: Brands, Marketing

01 October 2014 09:35

How to optimise your content strategy with regular data inputs
Posted by: Brand Learning
Brand Learning

Earlier in this series we introduced our point of view on how organisations need to evolve their communications capabilities to deliver growth through a meaningful, mutually beneficial customer experience and 4 key principles for customer engagement:

  • It must be mutually beneficial
  • The customer needs to have a key role
  • Content is the cornerstone; essential in driving the customer experience and for the health of the brand
  • Ongoing measurement and optimisation is critical

In this final instalment, we will look at the role of content and how to continually measure and evolve your customer engagement.


Subjects: Marketing, Data, Consumers

30 September 2014 09:17

Do you have the capabilities to make customer engagement mutually beneficial?
Posted by: Brand Learning
Brand Learning

In the first of this three-part series, we introduced our point of view on how organisations need to evolve their communications and capabilities to deliver growth through a meaningful customer experience, and 4 key principles for customer engagement:

  • It must be mutually beneficial
  • The customer needs to have a key role (whether the end-user, shopper, expert, distributor etc: i.e. whomever is the target of the communications)
  • Content is the cornerstone; essential in driving the customer experience and for the health of the brand
  • Ongoing measurement and optimisation is critical

This week we will look in more detail at the need for engagement to be mutually beneficial and the role of the customer.


Subjects: Marketing, Consumers, Data

26 September 2014 11:53

Flatter your way to success
Posted by: James Hurman, Founder, Previously Unavailable
James Hurman

For the past 50 years, most agencies have been obsessed with the question 'How do we become more creative?' As an industry, we've got no shortage of great ideas. The problem is getting them out into the world without their dying or being compromised. It's frustrating how common a problem that is. So often we begin with world-changing thinking and end up making something we'd rather forget.

A few years ago, I worked at an agency here in New Zealand called ColensoBBDO. Between 2009 and 201 1, we won 21 Cannes Lions and 39 Effies – with a staff count of about 75 people. I had the good fortune of being part of an amazingly reliable creative machine that continually churned out brilliant creative product. Of course, we had amazing creative people, but it isn't just about great creative people. At Colenso, there was something else as well. And I think this was the reason why we managed to so consistently make great work happen.


Subjects: Marketing

26 September 2014 11:32

A penny for your habits
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

Ensuring marketers' future access to data means being aware of the value consumers place on information about them, Chris Payne of the World Federation of Advertisers explains.

The future direction of travel for the advertising industry is firmly tied to brands' ability to collect and use data to deliver relevant and responsible advertising.

Data is a critical component in brands' ability to deliver attractive content to the right consumer at the right time and in the right location.

However, consumers globally are becoming increasingly sensitive to the issue of data sharing. According to a recent European study commissioned by Orange, 78% of consumers believe that it is hard to trust companies when it comes to the way they use consumer personal data.


Subjects: Digital, Data, Marketing

08 September 2014 17:07


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