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"Researchers should act like tour guides, helping clients navigate data"
Posted by: Market Research Society
Market Research Society

This post by Bronwen Morgan originally appeared on Research Live.

Exposing clients to the 'noise' of vast amounts of social media data can increase the demand for research expertise, says Jess Owens of FACE.

Speaking at the Market Research Society (MRS) Connected World conference as part of a panel discussing how to cut through the noise of social media data, Owens described how finding value in this data relies on narrowing down broad topics to smaller questions, and analysing these qualitatively. It is also vital, Owens says, to look to prove negative hypotheses, as well as seek proof as to whether learnings can be applied to other brands, in order to achieve intellectual rigour.


Subjects: Marketing

27 August 2014 17:21

Senses and the internet: Do you smell something?
Posted by: Market Research Society
Market Research Society

This post by Bronwen Morgan originally appeared on Research Live.

The internet is currently based around audio and visual interactions, but may soon extend to all five senses, says Professor Adrian David Cheok in his session at the MRS Connected World conference.

Professor Cheok, who specialises in pervasive computing at City University and is the founder and director of the Mixed Reality Lab in Singapore, described in his session on connecting through sensation how non-verbal communication makes up more than half of all communication. This, Cheok says, illustrates the importance of the idea that we are due to move to the next stage of the internet: "from information communication to experience communication."


Subjects: Digital, Marketing

22 August 2014 15:09

Eight ways to use events to boost your brand
Posted by: Emily Barley, Editorial Assistant, Warc
Emily Barley

Events have long been used by brands to build awareness, attract new customers and display their values. These eight brands give a range of examples of how existing events can be used and new ones created to connect with audiences.

If you'd like to read more about using events in marketing check out the experiential topic page, or see the Warc Index on event marketing and event sponsorship.


Showing just what you can do
Toyota: Tundra Endeavour

Toyota had a strong reputation for building quality cars, but faced scepticism about the quality and durability of its trucks amongst its key target market: people who relied on their trucks for work. So it found a way to show the Tundra's real power: towing the Space Shuttle Endeavour to its new home.


Subjects: Marketing, Advertising

21 August 2014 11:55

Content marketing spend supports growth of UK magazines
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Clare Hill from the Content Marketing Association.

The most recent ABC results are another testament to the crucial role of magazines as a medium within the content marketing discipline. As content marketing budgets increase and the importance of the value exchange between brands and consumers grows, it's an opportunity to celebrate the success of print titles in engaging millions of readers on behalf of brands.

The top three in the UK's top 100 magazines are titles from content marketing budgets – ASDA, Tesco & Morrison's – and they reach a whopping 5.2million people each month. Five out of the top 10 titles, equating to 61% of sales, are from the same budget line, while eight out of the top 15 titles also sit in the branded content category – that's a circulation figure of eight million.


Subjects: Marketing, Media

18 August 2014 13:53

A brand builder's guide to surviving China
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Karen Connell, founder of The SMALLmighty Ltd.

Got your eyes set on China? Don't take the plunge before you've read this…

In a land seen as the holy grail of growth it seems every industry wants to know the secrets to building their brand in China. With its huge population, vast geography, exploding wealth, a great appetite for brands – and let's not forget some enticing government-backed incentives for select businesses to invest in China – what's not to love about this economic powerhouse, and what could possibly go wrong?

It's true that there is an explosion of Middle and Affluent Class consumers; people with new-found wealth who are living, or look to soon live, a standard of life their parents or grandparents would never have dreamed of. And yes, there are some tremendous benefits but it's important that brand owners recognise that China is not an open invitation for their P&L statements.


Subjects: Brands, Marketing

12 August 2014 11:45

Do your communications still look like matching luggage?
Posted by: Brand Learning
Brand Learning

I’m a fan of travelling in style, so the concept of ‘matching luggage’ appealed when marketers first responded to channel proliferation with a drive to integrate their communications by using the same look and feel. Of course fashions change, and as people learnt more about how digital channels worked, marketing evolved to integrating around an idea – so there was still a co-ordination of luggage, but it didn’t all have to be the same colour.

Today, as more brands are recognising that a meaningful customer experience is the key to delivering growth, communications must move on again. (NB ‘customer’ is used to define the brand’s target: consumer, customer, expert etc).


Subjects: Marketing, Digital, Consumers

11 August 2014 15:05

Why the usual suspects deserve our respect
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Simon Kemp, Regional Managing Partner Asia at We Are Social, and is part of the WFA's Project Reconnect.

Over the past few months the World Federation of Advertisers and We Are Social have been partnering to identify the brands that marketers around the world respect the most.

Over the course of our conversations, the same handful of brands came up again and again.

But what is it about brands like Red Bull, Nike, and Dove that marketers respect so much?


Subjects: Brands, Marketing

05 August 2014 12:38

10 brands addressing consumer pain points
Posted by: Lena Roland, Knowledge Officer, Warc
Lena Roland

Mobile apps, wearable devices and sheer innovative thinking are enabling marketers to find new ways to fulfil consumer needs. I've dug into the Warc archive to showcase examples of brands that have implemented 'solution' or 'practical' marketing that puts convenience and customer service at the core.

Art Series Hotels: Overstay Checkout

Art Series Hotels, an Australian boutique hotel chain, found that a major pain point of leisure travellers was the 11:00am checkout which was standard across the industry. In response, they developed the "Overstay Checkout', an innovative new checkout system based on hotel capacity, which meant guests would only have to check out when the next guest checked in. This customer-friendly message was promoted everywhere from social media to hotel door-hangers. The campaign was tremendously successful, and the idea was recognised globally as a genuine innovation in the hotel industry. It was a win-win situation: creating value for the consumer while solving the hotel's unsold inventory problem.


Subjects: Marketing, Advertising, Brands

04 August 2014 12:45

Cannes Lions 2014: Thinking trumps celebrity
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Omaid Hiwaizi, Chief Strategy Officer, UK at Geometry Global.

Stories of spotting the likes of Kanye West, Bono and Courtney Love led much of the post-event chatter about the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. It seems that the cult of celebrity has truly taken over and the way to get your session booked in the Grand Audi is to shoehorn a celebrity into your seminar.

While adding a famous person is a great way of being talked about, unfortunately a celebrity cut-and-shut can be a hit-and-miss approach to projecting a strong, clear, coherent and inspiring message. The key is making any celebrity addition relevant to your agency and your content.


Subjects: Marketing, Awards, Warc conferences

01 August 2014 11:16

How five brands overcame a weakness
Posted by: Emily Barley, Editorial Assistant, Warc
Emily Barley

What marketing do to boost a brand weakness? A quick scout of finds a myriad of challenges and solutions. Here I have highlighted five examples of how brands addressed a weakness – one address a logistical issue, Kmart's inventory problem, and the rest are all about people's perceptions. Weetabix is boring, McDonald's is low quality and Michigan is deep in industrial decay. Or are they? In Aldi's case, people felt distant, disloyal and embarrassed to shop with a discounter.

Read below to see how the brands addressed these challenges, and subscribers can click through for the full case studies. You may also like to explore more case studies on Warc via the Case Finder or Topic Pages.


Subjects: Brands, Marketing

31 July 2014 12:43


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