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Understanding the big issues of 2015
Posted by: Stephen Whiteside, Reports Editor, Warc
Stephen Whiteside

Despite the wintery weather afflicting parts of America - or, perhaps, to escape from it - Warc's US reporting team has been back on the conference trail in recent weeks.

One event seeking to cut across some major reoccurring themes we've been hearing about - such as evolving research techniques, big data, the changing face of media and emerging technology - is The Big Rethink, being convened by The Economist and taking place on March 5th in New York City.

It will not surprise readers of The Economist magazine to learn that the conference, based in large part around the rise of "the entrepreneurial CMO", combines a thought-provoking agenda - addressing topics such as neglected global trends, shifting organisational structures and the Internet of Things - with insights from numerous industry heavyweights.


Subjects: Marketing, Digital, Media

18 February 2015 15:37

The future of Marketing Leadership
Posted by: Brand Learning
Brand Learning

These are challenging and interesting times to be in Marketing. The twin forces of technology and a more empowered consumer are making it increasingly necessary for Marketers to lead in a complex and dynamic environment.

Brand Learning’s Singapore leadership seminar, attended by senior marketers across industries spanning FMCG, technology, banking, paints, sportswear and lubricants, discussed the opportunity and challenges for marketing leadership going forward. In a lively and engaging conversation, they shared the issues they face, and how Brand Learning’s new customer-centred leadership framework can help address these.

Three of the themes that emerged are particularly valuable for defining Marketing Leadership now and in times to come...

Subjects: Marketing, Brands, Digital

16 February 2015 09:39

New technology makes old technology redundant
Posted by: Mythbuster, Les Binet and Sarah Carter, DDB

Returning to work after the festive season, we found ourselves comparing our children's respective Christmas present lists. And we noticed something surprising. Between us, we have three children, ranging from six to 21 years of age. And on all their wishlists, alongside the stuff you'd expect modern kids to desire – clothes, money and electronic gadgets – there were a lot of books. Not e-books, but real, paper books.

And what was noticeable was that all the kids spent lots of time reading these good old-fashioned books over the holidays. Not because they had to – there were plenty of other electronic options – but because they wanted to. One of them even spent New Year's Eve reading a book from the public library, of all things, ignoring her pile of shiny Christmas presents.

Surely not? Aren't books supposed to be dead? Don't kids spend all their time nowadays Snapchatting, watching YouTube and updating Facebook instead? It seems not. On New Year's Day, one of us had the odd experience of being the only one Facebooking while the rest of the family were engrossed in their books.


Subjects: Digital, Marketing

13 February 2015 14:01

Five tips for getting your content shared
Posted by: Imaad Ahmed, Marketing Director, Warc
Imaad Ahmed

In the age of tech savvy millennials and cross-channel media consumption, getting content shared has become vital to brands. Viral video is one such opportunity for brands to amplify their message.

Recently, I watched Warc's webinar with Ian Forrester, the Insight Director at Unruly, a video ad tech company which, amongst other things, collates and curates its own Viral Video Chart to give insights into what people tend to watch and share, and why they do so.

You can watch the webinar recording at the Warc Webinars archive. In the meantime though, here are the five key takeaways from Ian's presentation and before that, a brief background to measuring the "virality" of your content.


Subjects: Digital

11 February 2015 11:34

The smart outdoors: Why Digital Out of Home is the space to watch in 2015
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Sarah Villegas, Exterion Media's Head of Marketing and Business Development.

The potential for Digital Out of Home advertising (DOOH) is huge and there is unanimous agreement across the industry that its adoption is at a tipping point. Nearly a quarter of Outdoor spend is now digital1. The total inventory of DOOH sites in the UK is set to grow more than 40 percent between now and 2020, according to Kinetic Worldwide. The same study says that, while digital already accounts for around 22 percent of the outdoor market's annual £1bn sales, by 2020 that proportion will rise to 35 percent. In fact, one in every three pounds in OOH will be on digital in 2015 according to Posterscope.

Why? Because digital is no longer just a luminescent board attached to a landmark. The outdoor world is getting smarter and more engaging. Forbes journalist Glen Martin sums it up neatly: "the urban environment is evolving rapidly, and a model is emerging that is more efficient, more functional, more – connected."


Subjects: Media, Digital, Advertising

20 January 2015 12:53

How to learn with guided discovery in 2015
Posted by: Brand Learning
Brand Learning

Every so often a capability brief comes along with challenges so high, it sets my senses tingling. I know it’s an opportunity to do something big.

  • "How can we instil a pioneering mindset which challenges all our assumptions?"
  • "How can we establish aligned & powerful cross-functional team that truly gel?"
  • "How can we do this across the world?"
  • "How can we incorporate the performance shift into existing work?"

When we’re asked questions like these we keep calm and think big: and not just big, but smart.


Subjects: Marketing, Digital

23 December 2014 09:19

Why programmatic is entering a new era of sophistication
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Leon Gurevich, Commercial Director, EMEA at OpenX.

Programmatic is both the present and future of digital advertising, and the next phase of its development is set to transform the online advertising landscape once again. It is the biggest and newest innovation in advertising, helping to fuel the web economy, and connects consumers with compelling products and services.

More than a quarter (28%) of the UK online display market was managed programmatically in 2013; this looks set to increase to 47% by the end of 2014. The benefits of programmatic – including ever more precise audience targeting and measurably effective ROI – support the prediction that the vast majority of ad spend will ultimately be traded through sophisticated technology rather than by traditional and time-consuming manual processes.


Subjects: Digital, Advertising

01 December 2014 14:39

Why mobile programmatic is the future
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Andy Mitchell, European MD at Brightroll.

According to the IAB UK's recently released Digital Ad Spend Report – done in conjunction with PwC – mobile video advertising has grown 196% over the past two years to £63.9m. This makes it the fastest growing digital ad format, accounting for £1 in every £5 spent on Internet and mobile display ads. As automated buying also grows to keep pace with the explosion of ads on the format, there are two key benefits that mobile programmatic can bring for brands.

1) The ability to keep pace with change

The pace of change in consumer behaviour does not wait for the advertising community to catch up with it. As brands' target audiences move en masse towards mobile devices, every advertiser's programmatic campaign must include a strong mobile element – brands simply cannot afford to ignore the areas where their audiences are paying increasing amounts of attention. This attention is now split across multiple screens and a single programmatic campaign can target and optimize against desired audiences in a holistic and unified fashion.


Subjects: Digital, Data, Advertising

27 November 2014 10:08

Link between Twitter and TV confirmed
Posted by: MEC

With reference to Kantar Media's recent study, MEC's Matthew Knowles analyses the extent to which the popularity of TV shows are reflected in the volume of viewers' tweets.

TV has always been fodder for conversations. Once upon a time, programmes were the mainstay of those water cooler moments or the journey to school – they probably still are, but for some there is no waiting until work or the school bell, their opinions and those of others must be sought and shared there and then.

Kantar Media's recent study into that relationship (A Year in the Life of TV & Twitter in the UK – published September 24th 2014) has brought about several intriguing observations, all of which highlight the fact that people love to talk about television online, with around 40% of all peak time UK Twitter traffic related to TV.


Subjects: Advertising, Digital

26 November 2014 09:43

Multi-device Targeting – Who, Why, How?
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Paul Lyonette, UK Country Manager at YuMe.

Building strong consumer relationships is key to a brand's success. Persuading consumers that a brand is worthy of their attention – and loyalty – is one of the main purposes of advertising, but this can be a lengthy process that involves numerous touch points. Therefore, brands need to ensure they are targeting relevant consumers and not wasting their marketing budget on the wrong audience.

Today this is more relevant than ever as content is consumed across a wide spectrum of platforms and devices, which creates a fragmented audience that can be challenging to reach. Device switching is now a way of life with more than 60% of online UK adults using at least two devices to access digital content each day, and 40% start an activity on one device and complete it on another. Our own research in conjunction with Nielsen found that households own on average 4.4 devices, with teenagers owning on average 3.2 devices. This further highlights the challenges faced by marketers who need to better understand the channels through which to engage their intended audience.


Subjects: Advertising, Consumers, Digital

24 November 2014 15:34


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