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Why programmatic is entering a new era of sophistication
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Leon Gurevich, Commercial Director, EMEA at OpenX.

Programmatic is both the present and future of digital advertising, and the next phase of its development is set to transform the online advertising landscape once again. It is the biggest and newest innovation in advertising, helping to fuel the web economy, and connects consumers with compelling products and services.

More than a quarter (28%) of the UK online display market was managed programmatically in 2013; this looks set to increase to 47% by the end of 2014. The benefits of programmatic – including ever more precise audience targeting and measurably effective ROI – support the prediction that the vast majority of ad spend will ultimately be traded through sophisticated technology rather than by traditional and time-consuming manual processes.


Subjects: Digital, Advertising

01 December 2014 14:39

Why mobile programmatic is the future
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Andy Mitchell, European MD at Brightroll.

According to the IAB UK's recently released Digital Ad Spend Report – done in conjunction with PwC – mobile video advertising has grown 196% over the past two years to £63.9m. This makes it the fastest growing digital ad format, accounting for £1 in every £5 spent on Internet and mobile display ads. As automated buying also grows to keep pace with the explosion of ads on the format, there are two key benefits that mobile programmatic can bring for brands.

1) The ability to keep pace with change

The pace of change in consumer behaviour does not wait for the advertising community to catch up with it. As brands' target audiences move en masse towards mobile devices, every advertiser's programmatic campaign must include a strong mobile element – brands simply cannot afford to ignore the areas where their audiences are paying increasing amounts of attention. This attention is now split across multiple screens and a single programmatic campaign can target and optimize against desired audiences in a holistic and unified fashion.


Subjects: Digital, Data, Advertising

27 November 2014 10:08

Link between Twitter and TV confirmed
Posted by: MEC

With reference to Kantar Media's recent study, MEC's Matthew Knowles analyses the extent to which the popularity of TV shows are reflected in the volume of viewers' tweets.

TV has always been fodder for conversations. Once upon a time, programmes were the mainstay of those water cooler moments or the journey to school – they probably still are, but for some there is no waiting until work or the school bell, their opinions and those of others must be sought and shared there and then.

Kantar Media's recent study into that relationship (A Year in the Life of TV & Twitter in the UK – published September 24th 2014) has brought about several intriguing observations, all of which highlight the fact that people love to talk about television online, with around 40% of all peak time UK Twitter traffic related to TV.


Subjects: Advertising, Digital

26 November 2014 09:43

Multi-device Targeting – Who, Why, How?
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Paul Lyonette, UK Country Manager at YuMe.

Building strong consumer relationships is key to a brand's success. Persuading consumers that a brand is worthy of their attention – and loyalty – is one of the main purposes of advertising, but this can be a lengthy process that involves numerous touch points. Therefore, brands need to ensure they are targeting relevant consumers and not wasting their marketing budget on the wrong audience.

Today this is more relevant than ever as content is consumed across a wide spectrum of platforms and devices, which creates a fragmented audience that can be challenging to reach. Device switching is now a way of life with more than 60% of online UK adults using at least two devices to access digital content each day, and 40% start an activity on one device and complete it on another. Our own research in conjunction with Nielsen found that households own on average 4.4 devices, with teenagers owning on average 3.2 devices. This further highlights the challenges faced by marketers who need to better understand the channels through which to engage their intended audience.


Subjects: Advertising, Consumers, Digital

24 November 2014 15:34

Six guiding principles for digital advertising
Posted by: Catherine Gardner, Relationship Manager, Warc
Catherine Gardner

This post is based on a webinar Warc hosted in partnership with comScore. The full webinar is available to view here.

Are you getting the most from our digital advertising? Given the continual developments in techniques and measurement of online advertising it can be difficult to benchmark success. On November 18 Paul Goode, svp regional marketing at comScore, brought some clarity to the conversation. Drawing on years of in depth global research, comScore has produced six guiding principles that help shed light on the state of the industry and enable more effective planning and improved results.

There's a brief overview of the six lessons learned below, for more in-depth findings watch Paul's webinar.


Subjects: Digital, Advertising

20 November 2014 11:05

The impact of cross device conversions
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Richard Hocking, EMEA Director of Performance Marketing & Mobile Development at Starcom MediaVest Group.

With the increased emergence of new technology within the household, UK homes now possess on average 10 connectable devices, as a result cross screen planning, activation and tracking has quickly become a necessity for agencies and brands.

However, stitching together the customer journey across smartphone, tablet and desktop, each with their own tracking nuances, is no easy job. Historically the key method of tracking users online has been via the cookie – which functions across desktop, but is relatively useless across mobile devices; both mobile applications and Apple's Safari browser are cookieless environments.


Subjects: Digital, Advertising

13 November 2014 14:52

Monetising Mobile Advertising
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Joy Dean, head of partnerships at Widespace.

Despite the meteoric rise of smartphones and tablets, mobile advertising has yet to be truly embraced by the vast majority of marketers and advertisers. A significant issue we face comes down simply to traffic versus revenue. While mobile traffic numbers are on the rise, this has not yet translated in terms of revenue. Indeed, when speaking to a number of publishers at a roundtable event in London recently, it became apparent that many are seeing around 50 per cent of their traffic on mobile, yet this is not reflected in overall yield. And there are still more issues that when boiled down come to convincing the industry that the future really is on mobile.

The answer, for now at least, begins and ends with market education. At present, despite what we first thought, the advertising industry is not yet convinced by mobile. Too many sales teams and publishers harbour a fear of mobile, thinking of it only as an add-on, or gimmick, and not as a branding channel that will add value to their organisations or publications for years to come.


Subjects: Digital, Advertising

11 November 2014 16:46

eCommerce: how to represent your brand well in online stores
Posted by: Brand Learning
Brand Learning

When has a week gone by for you when you haven’t shopped on line for a brand? For most of us in our team at least, shopping online or using mobile during the shopping experience has become a habit.

From Showrooming (looking at products in store and buying on line), to Webrooming (looking at products on line and then buying in store) to Boomerooming (researching on line, seeing and touching the product in store and then buying on line) we are changing our shopping habits and the implications for retailers and brands is profound.


Subjects: Marketing, Data, Digital

28 October 2014 14:17

IAB Engage 2014: It's Only Just Begun
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

Partnership, collaboration and the brave new world of media and marketing in the technology era

This post is by Fay Miller, Marketing Director, International at The Exchange Lab.

We've only just begun was the theme for the 10th anniversary of IAB Engage where the media, marketing and digital digiratzi assembled. Digital is in a state of disruption, the traditional media model is in a state of flux and marketing continues to collide and overlap with technological innovation. This is all happening at speed and it's the pace of change that almost everyone seems to be struggling to keep up with. It was the one thing every speaker seemed to agree on, that and how it's only going to get faster.


Subjects: Digital, Advertising

27 October 2014 15:43

From agency model to SWAT team: The future of marketing communications
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post if by Guy Norwell, Business Development Director, UK & EMEA at RedWorks.

Over the past few years, as more and more brands look to achieve one-to-one marketing, personalised content has become the buzzword that everyone wants to own and the area every agency wants to be seen as expert in.

In the rush to deliver this personalised content and be seen as the people to turn to, agencies have gone to battle, vying for the lead position in this evolving discipline. At the forefront of this battle, hoping to position themselves as the organisation of choice, have been the advertising agencies – focusing on their ability to create and tell stories. However, in the era of personalised content, advertising agencies are arguably the least fit to take this crown.


Subjects: Marketing, Digital

23 October 2014 17:06


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