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National newsbrand ad revenue: context is key
Posted by: James McDonald, Research Analyst, Warc
James McDonald

Advertising revenues for the UK’s national newsbrands fell 11% to £1.2bn in 2015, £150m lower than a year earlier owing entirely to losses in print business, according to the latest results from the AA/Warc UK Expenditure Report, released this week.

A 2.5% rise in digital adspend (to £220m) could not offset the fall for print (down 13.4% to £1bn) last year, the report finds. However, we expect the overall rate of decline to slow to -5.9% in 2016 and -3.4% in 2017, stymied by an average growth rate of 7.7% in digital adspend and softer falls for print over the forecast period.


Subjects: Data, Media

29 April 2016 11:55

2015: A stellar year for UK media owners
Posted by: James McDonald, Research Analyst, Warc
James McDonald

UK advertising expenditure grew at its strongest rate since 2010 last year, with total adspend of £20.1bn marking a 7.5% rise from 2014, according to the latest results from the AA/Warc UK Expenditure Report, released this week.

When comparing this to Warc's international database, we see that of the top ten advertising markets by dollar value, the UK's growth was the second-fastest last year, behind only China.


Subjects: Data, Media

28 April 2016 10:17

MRS Impact 2016: The future of market insight in 5 themes
Posted by: Peter Mouncey, Editor-In-Chief, IJMR
Peter Mouncey

Who will succeed in the new age of data discovery? We asked a panel of four international experts across academia and business to share their views on where the world of insight is going, and how it is adapting to a data-rich, connected, and social world. Speaking at the 2016 MRS Impact conference held in London this March, the panel drew a large crowd for a lively debate.


Subjects: Data, Consumers

21 April 2016 11:53

Native advertising seen positively, but challenges remain
Posted by: Anna Hamill, Asia Editor, Warc
Anna Hamill

Marketers across Asia-Pacific have a positive view of native advertising, with 67% enthusiastic about the opportunities it offers. Investment into native advertising is also set to rise significantly in the next five years as the medium matures.

A Warc & King Content survey of more than 300 advertising and marketing professionals across 16 Asia-Pacific countries revealed insights into how native advertising is being used, the biggest challenges marketers face, and thoughts on the future of the medium. Respondents included brand owners, creative and media agencies, media owners and content experts among others. 


Subjects: Advertising, Digital, Data

15 April 2016 12:15

All that is solid melts into thin air
Posted by: Richard Shotton, Head of Insight, ZenithOptimedia
Richard Shotton

Although more than a hundred years ago, the summer of 1914 has many similarities with now. In particular, it was a time of rapid technological change. The wireless telegraph, invented in 1896, had transformed communications - messages that once took days to convey could be transmitted instantaneously.

But that speed had a cost.


Subjects: Data, Media, Marketing

23 March 2016 12:59

Mobile ad investment mirrors consumption habits
Posted by: James McDonald, Research Analyst, Warc
James McDonald

Our preliminary estimate for global mobile advertising spend in 2015 stands at $48bn, around 30% of all internet adspend that year. Incredibly, mobile's share has more than doubled in just two years; a key indicator of the medium's meteoric rise.

Mobile's contribution is expected to grow further throughout the forecast period. Spend of $90bn on mobile-specific formats will account for approximately 44% of all online ad investment next year.

In contrast, global advertising spend on desktop internet formats has stagnated at around $112bn, and will likely decline from this year onwards. This trend has already started to play out in the world's largest digital markets, including the US, China and the UK. Consequently, mobile will be the primary driver of global online growth over the coming years.


Subjects: Data, Advertising

22 March 2016 17:18

Is Self Brand Overlap the Secret of Brand Love?
Posted by: David Penn, Managing Director, Conquest
David Penn

For some years now, marketers have grappled with the challenge of how to explain 'brand love' – that intangible sense of attachment that makes Coke 'taste better' than Pepsi and may even lead us to overlook a product's shortcomings (think Apple). The 'roots' of brand love have generally been sought in the irrational, in emotions, yet this creates circularity: we love brands that create emotion; emotion creates loved brands, and so on…

Could it be, however, that the explanation lies in the relationship between our self and brands such that loved brands are those that somehow become subsumed in our personality? In other words, is a loved brand one that becomes part of us?


Subjects: Brands, Consumers, Data

16 March 2016 09:51

Data strategy and the survival of the fittest.
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This guest blog is written by Ian Liddicoat, Chief Information Officer at ZenithOptimedia Group

The natural world has long shown us that the cycle of invention and reinvention in response to environmental change leads to increasing creativity in the desire for survival. The commercial world in the era of the internet has much to learn.

Global Internet (IP) traffic has increased fivefold over the past five years and will increase a further threefold over the next five years. Overall, IP traffic will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 23 percent between 2014 and 2019.


Subjects: Data, Brands, Digital

01 March 2016 11:00

Why you should care about the GDPR
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This guest blog is written by Graham Temple, Chairman, IPM

To the creative industries in general, data is like the accountant you find in the kitchen at parties. You know its role is important, you may even have relied on it yourself in the past, but it’s hardly fun, is it? Well, the accountant in the kitchen is set to take centre stage at the creative party, and it’s all down to the GDPR.


Subjects: Data, Media, Consumers

19 February 2016 15:29

Saturation point: Desktop internet adspend to decline this year
Posted by: James McDonald, Research Analyst, Warc
James McDonald

UK advertising expenditure for desktop internet is estimated to have grown 2.6% year-on-year to £5.7bn in 2015, well behind the headline internet growth rate of 13.5%, according to the latest results from the AA/Warc UK Expenditure Report, released this week.

Further, on current trends, spend on desktop ads is forecast to begin demonstrating annual declines from the second half of this year, culminating in year-on-year growth of -0.1% for 2016 as a whole. Instead it will be the other two contributors to the gross total, mobile and tablet, which drive internet growth in the coming quarters.


Subjects: Advertising, Data

05 February 2016 09:48


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