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Warc 100: The insight behind 'My Blood is Red and Black'
Posted by: Joseph Clift, Digital Product Manager, Warc
Joseph Clift

Our new Warc 100 rankings, released last week, collect together a truly global array of campaigns. Listed according to their success at effectiveness and strategy awards over the past year, the collection of the world's 100 smartest campaigns highlight a big industry trend: the increasing recognition of the great work being done away from the Anglosphere.

Exemplifying this shift is 'My Blood is Red and Black', a campaign from Leo Burnett Tailor Made in Brazil for HEMOBA, a blood donation charity, which is ranked 31st on the Warc 100. As part of the campaign, football team Vitoria removed the red stripes from its kit, promising to put them back as people donated blood – leading to big fan engagement and a rise in donations. And, when I asked him about developing the strategy for the campaign, Marcello Magalhaes, VP for planning at Leo Burnett, said that one big cultural insight was ultimately responsible for the (award winning) work.


Subjects: Advertising, Marketing, Consumers

18 July 2014 14:29

Brazil Now: A look at key trends and factors for international brands
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This blog post is by Hall & Partners, based on their Brazil Now report. Warc subscribers can read more about marketing in Brazil on the Brazil topic page.

With all eyes on Brazil for the 2014 World Cup and the upcoming 2016 Olympics, there is no better time than now for brands exploring opportunities to break into the Brazilian market. With the assistance of Daniel Buarque, MA candidate at Brazil Institute at King's College in London and a former reporter and editor in Brazil, we developed our Brazil Now report in an effort to identify and understand the key socioeconomic factors and cultural trends effecting brands within Brazil.

Brazil is a young nation; the average age is 30.7 while 51% of Brazilians are aged under 30 years' old. Within that, Brazilians are amongst some of the most socially-engaged people in the world and the prevalence of digital media creates endless opportunities for brands. Some topline stats:


Subjects: Consumers, Marketing

04 July 2014 14:46

Game of Thrones vs. True Blood
Posted by: MEC

This blog by Rebecca Newman, Research Executive at MEC, explained how, using Media Z, MEC examined the audience perceptions of the popular US drama series Game of Thrones and True Blood.

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama TV series, which is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire by George Martin. The series explores the issues of social hierarchy, religion, loyalty, corruption, civil war, crime and punishment. It has built up quite a following within the UK drawing 1.45 million viewers during its most recenlty aired episode (12th May 2014, DDS). The hit show airs on Sky Atlantic and on Sky1 and is in its fourth season.


Subjects: Consumers, Brands

30 June 2014 16:38

Can Market Research Compete with Machine Intelligence?
Posted by: Edward Appleton, Senior European Consumer Insights Manager, Avery Dennison
Edward Appleton

Last week I was working on a web-usability research project. Looking at the pros and cons of the various methodological approaches, I was struck, shocked even, by the cost differences between DIY, unmoderated software driven solutions and the consultative lab-based approaches.

The usability software products invariably offered scale – the ability to talk to larger numbers of users – flexibility, speed, all at a very low cost point. A $1.000 would buy quite a lot of raw recorded user experience data. Compare that with a lab-based, moderated qualitative approach: 8 to 10 in-person sessions could easily cost many times that amount.

"Data" versus "insights" – that seemed to me the dichotomy, with data immensely cheap or even free, in abundance, "insights" appearing extremely expensive by comparison.


Subjects: Consumers, Marketing, Brands

15 June 2014 17:34

The 4S Marketers: How to design the Marketing Organisation of the Future
Posted by: Brand Learning, The Capable Marketer,
Brand Learning

I recall talking to James Elias, Google’s Marketing Director, at last year’s about the unprecedented pace of change we are seeing in the world and the implications for organisations. James’ view was that with the world moving so fast, if your internal pace of change is slower than the pace of change externally then you’re going to be in trouble, so you need to be focused and not get caught trying to do too many things. We believe it’s the customer experience that organisations need to be focused on above all else. Whatever the technological advances, it is this experience that builds meaningful relationships with the people behind the devices and will drive sustainable growth.


Subjects: Marketing, Brands, Consumers

12 June 2014 15:10

Redefining consumer motivations: The evolving consumer value equation
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This blog post is by Mark Ringer, Executive Creative Director at Anthem.

In the US and UK we may still be experiencing the vestiges of the recession but the economy is becoming more stable and starting to look up. China, on the other hand, is enjoying unparalleled growth similar to the confidence felt in the US in the fifties. With greater stability, we have been able to bring about richer and smarter times, and as result of this, a culture where we are open to renewed possibilities. Anthem undertook some research in order to greater understand how societal values are being redefined in the post-recession era and the shifting role of brand meaning manifested in these changes. The research, which compares consumer attitudes in the US, UK and China, looks at the trends of what makes a consumer life 'good' and how we define success – and the resonance of brand offering in support of consumer lifestyles.


Subjects: Consumers, Brands

03 June 2014 11:36

Planning and Market Research - Two Much Maligned Disciplines
Posted by: Edward Appleton, Senior European Consumer Insights Manager, Avery Dennison
Edward Appleton

How many newer entrants into market research know, I wonder, what "planners" do in ad. agencies? I've spent almost a decade of my professional career in planning, leading the Planning Unit at Grey Europe, and then jointly spear-heading it at Young and Rubicam in Germany.

I've always felt it to be an immensely important and powerful discipline, charged with the all-important task of writing a creative brief.

However, like Market Research, it is often mis-understood, disliked even, especially amongst creatives - with the image of finger-wagging theorists intent on destroying the freedom that creative folk yearn for.


Subjects: Consumers, Advertising, Brands

11 May 2014 21:11

How marketing needs to reinvent itself in the drive for growth
Posted by: Brand Learning, The Capable Marketer,
Brand Learning

There's a new growth imperative shaping the future of marketing: but has anything really changed?

A huge amount has been written about the changing business landscape, how as customers and consumers we are living in a new normal. A time in which our relationship with organisations and brands has evolved and the balance of influence has shifted. A time of constant flux, driven by a proliferation of channels and audiences, growing customer expectations and scientific and technological breakthroughs transforming the way we live, learn, communicate and collaborate. It is a time in which we are increasingly demanding of who and what we choose to engage with, and only build lasting relationships with those companies and brands that bring motivating experience and genuine value to our lives.


Subjects: Marketing, Consumers

08 May 2014 17:37

Data, data everywhere... what price insights?
Posted by: Edward Appleton, Senior European Consumer Insights Manager, Avery Dennison
Edward Appleton

Market Research is going through exciting times - mobile, communities, biometrics are just some of the new ways technology is helping us get closer, and for longer, to the audiences we wish to understand.

DIY providers are another "exciting" innovation (more exciting for some than others….) – if you have time, inclination and hopefully ability, it's easy to link up to online access panels, use survey software at a very low cost and reduce the price-per-complete radically. Zappistore, Gutcheck are two of the higher profile DIY providers who are addressing the perception of research being slow and expensive.


Subjects: Consumers, Brands, Marketing

13 April 2014 21:41

Mythbuster: The Rosser Reeves Fallacy
Posted by: Mythbuster, Les Binet and Sarah Carter, DDB

Les Binet and Sarah Carter get a little bit angry about some of the nonsense they hear around them… like the Rosser Reeves Fallacy.

Recently, a young planner came to us with some exciting research findings. She was trying to evaluate the effect of her client's new ad, and had found a fantastic piece of evidence. A research company had shown that people who recognised the ad had a much better image of the brand, and were significantly more likely to buy it. Perfect proof that it worked. Surely?


Subjects: Advertising, Consumers

04 April 2014 10:57


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