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Secrets of the world's smartest creative agency
Posted by: Joseph Clift, Digital Product Manager, Warc
Joseph Clift

Earlier this year, we announced the Warc 100 – our ranking of the smartest marketing campaigns and companies of the year, based on their performance in effectiveness and strategy awards. And taking the number one spot on the creative agencies rankings was an agency far from the traditional ad industry powerhouses of London and New York: Colenso BBDO, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Colenso had an exceptionally strong showing on our ranking of the top 100 campaigns of the year, with work for food brand Tip Top, V, the energy drink and Mountain Dew all making the cut. But how can other agencies learn from all this success? According to Andy McLeish, Colenso's head of planning, replicating this success is a matter of taking risks, establishing clear metrics... and keeping clients' trust.


Subjects: Awards, Advertising, Marketing

29 October 2014 14:13

Sensory marketing, product launches, influencer strategies and avoiding cannibalisation: Highlights from IPA Effectiveness Awards 2014
Posted by: Lena Roland, Knowledge Officer, Warc
Lena Roland

The IPA Effectiveness Awards are live on – subscribers can browse all 70 of them here. These rigorous awards recognise advertising campaigns that demonstrate clear proof of their effectiveness. Fosters, the beer brand, took the Grand Prix award while Specsavers, Transport for London and The British Heart Foundation were among the brands awarded Gold.

I’ve dug a little deeper into the 70 case studies to showcase several campaigns that stood out - perhaps for their innovative use of media, or for successfully overcoming difficult marketing challenges.


Subjects: Awards, Marketing, Advertising

29 October 2014 09:09

IAB Engage 2014: It's Only Just Begun
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

Partnership, collaboration and the brave new world of media and marketing in the technology era

This post is by Fay Miller, Marketing Director, International at The Exchange Lab.

We've only just begun was the theme for the 10th anniversary of IAB Engage where the media, marketing and digital digiratzi assembled. Digital is in a state of disruption, the traditional media model is in a state of flux and marketing continues to collide and overlap with technological innovation. This is all happening at speed and it's the pace of change that almost everyone seems to be struggling to keep up with. It was the one thing every speaker seemed to agree on, that and how it's only going to get faster.


Subjects: Digital, Advertising

27 October 2014 15:43

Unravelling the path to purchase
Posted by: Lena Roland, Knowledge Officer, Warc
Lena Roland

The customer journey and path to purchase has changed from a linear process to a more convoluted route, a change that can be largely attributed to digital technology. Digital and mobile technology means that consumers are ‘always on’ and have the ability to shop and buy, anytime and anywhere. Thus these channels are critical engagement platforms in the customer journey.

  • Research suggests purchase decisions, or the moment of truths, starts long before shoppers enter a store. Thus brands need to implement multi-touchpoint shopper strategies.
  • The physical store has to be more than a place to buy goods. Experiences, tours, taste and touch are important to physical retailing. Uniqlo and Adidas are two brands using innovative in-store techniques to engage with shoppers.
  • It is important to align all aspects of the business – strategy, comms AND employees – to optimise the customer journey.

Subjects: Marketing, Consumers, Advertising

24 October 2014 14:26

Best of the best: Hybrid consumers, total video and how to get investment for your brand
Posted by: Katherine Kam, Production Editor, Warc
Katherine Kam

Amidst all the new content we've recently added (like Esomar Congress papers, Jay Chiat case studies and the shortlisted cases to our own Innovation Prize) here are my must-read picks – five stimulating, enlightening articles on topics as diverse as hybrid consumers, total video and winning boardroom-backing for brand investment.

The Brand in the Boardroom
What's it about and why is it interesting?
In Warc Editorial, we are huge fans of the Atticus Awards – clever thinking from across the WPP network on all kinds of topics. The Grand Prix winner from Ogilvy RED is lengthy but provides extremely useful instruction for valuing brands and demonstrating the real commercial benefit of marketing – essential reading for any marketer fighting for investment. As well as introducing the different methods of brand valuation, Ogilvy & Mather go beyond them to highlight the necessary principles and the steps that should be followed when valuing brands. As well as defending and increasing marketing budgets, brand valuation can also help decide where to allocate budgets, determine brand strategy development and develop brand benchmarking.


Subjects: Consumers, Marketing, Advertising

22 October 2014 14:01

Global Ad Trends
Posted by: James McDonald, Research Analyst, Warc
James McDonald

Yesterday, we published a new long-term trend analysis: Global Ad Trends, a summary report which draws upon the data stored in our adspend database.

To provide some background, Warc has conducted an annual survey of global advertising expenditure since 1980, issuing questionnaires to monitoring organisations and/or ad industry bodies in each of the 88 markets we track. The survey covers TV, newspapers, magazines, internet, radio, cinema and out of home adspend. You can find a full list of our coverage here.

Once all markets are in, we harmonise the data (net of discounts, including press classified adspend and agency commission but excluding production costs) to give a more accurate, comparable picture of each country's ad market. This then allows us to identify meaningful trends in long-term advertising expenditure.


Subjects: Data, Advertising

21 October 2014 17:14

It doesn't give you wings
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by John Drake, vp of brand strategy at Drake Cooper. He blogs regularly on campaign planning.

For years Red Bull has used the tagline it "gives you wings". Recently, a long-time Red Bull drinker sued the company because, despite drinking the brand for years, it had failed to give him wings or improve his athletic or intellectual performance. The consumer won and Red Bull settled for $13 million.


Subjects: Advertising, Brands

20 October 2014 12:07

Ofcom Communications Market Report: What it means for marketers
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Jan Gardner, Marketing Director at Jaywing.

Ofcom's eleventh annual Communications Market report investigates how we use various devices, from TVs to smartphones. This year, the report looked more closely at the habits of different generations, identifying a clear generation gap.

However, it is clear the digital revolution continues to change all behaviour. Multi-tasking and second screening was evident, with younger groups far happier to switch seamlessly between devices and leave more traditional media behind.

None of this will come as a huge surprise to most marketers. However, we continue to grapple with what it means. Perhaps our improved economic environment gives us a little more freedom to explore. So where should we turn our attentions?


Subjects: Advertising

13 October 2014 10:08

How programmatic fits into the digital advertising picture
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Grant Allaway, Group Managing Director at ad2one.

Programmatic – it's the buzzword of the moment, but there's a reason for that. All sorts of brands have publicly declared their commitment to programmatic recently, from eBay to Coca-Cola to Kellogg's. It seems that brands who weren't keen to use programmatic are now on board – we know this through the recent launch of our premium marketplace, where brands can operate as publishers in their own right. But why is this and how can publishers ensure they get the most out of programmatic?

Firstly, addressing the issue of why publishers are suddenly joining the programmatic party, recently questions around brand safety and best practice have been answered in more detail, meaning that issues around inventory quality and transparency are no longer as much of a concern.


Subjects: Digital, Advertising

10 October 2014 15:27

Top Ten things to remember when considering Advertiser Funded Programming (AFP)
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Mark Hawkins, Chief Executive of ONE TWO FOUR.

One of our ways to engage with audiences is through Advertiser Funded Programming (AFP), a form of Branded Content that has been around since the 1930s. With new waves of brand experiences AFP broadcast deals can include combinations of many different elements, so here are our top ten things to remember if you're considering AFP:

1. Effectiveness

If you're looking to move the dial, AFP is an ideal platform to stand out from the crowd – whether your objective is awareness, consideration or reaching new audiences.


Subjects: Advertising

08 October 2014 14:16


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