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Socialising Luxury
Posted by: Tiffany Kenyon, Planner, VCCP
Tiffany Kenyon

I waited in the queue for the Alexander McQueen sale two lunch breaks in a row without getting so much as a glimpse of a stiletto or skull-print scarf. There was just not enough room for the snaking lines of savvy fashionistas who'd received the heads up from any of the countless fashion blogs listing this season's sample sales.

I began to wonder whether luxury brands have gone too far in democratising access to their products. By opening up the sales to everyone they are risking the alienation of their core (full price) consumers, and diluting their appeal for the rest of us anyway. What happened to producing a limited supply of high quality products and, if it comes to it, "destroy rather than discount" with what's left over?


Subjects: Brands

15 January 2010 12:58


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