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Yes Logo, No Klein!
Posted by: James Gregory, CEO, CoreBrand
James Gregory

When Naomi Klein wrote ten years ago her book No Logo, I refused to waste my time making a comment because it was so void of value for the reader that it would die a natural death. I believed the minor sensation it created was mostly on college campuses and in the offices of a few business executives.

Ten years later, however, Naomi Klein seems poised for a victory lap. For the life of me, I do not see the appeal of her philosophy as she looks at the world through smog covered glasses. She has a distinctly old Soviet dreary point of view since she lives in a world where everything is painted gray. Still, she makes a living dishing out her glum perceptions to willing recipients. This time I say, "Enough!"


Subjects: Brands

28 January 2010 14:14


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