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Looking for Asia's strategy rock stars: The Warc Prize for Asian Strategy
Posted by: Aisha Lo, Client Services Manager, Warc
Aisha Lo

The Warc Prize for Asian Strategy is Asia's leading competition recognising great strategic thinking in marketing. 2014 marks the Prize's fourth year. The US$10,000 cash prize is free to enter and will be awarded to the case study that demonstrates the best strategic thinking in the region.

June is the height of awards fever in the advertising and marketing world.

We're all familiar with the drill. The months before are a frenzy of agency folk filtering through all the campaign data (once more) to lock-down their case, getting clients to approve the case study write-ups, last minute re-writes from the higher powers-that-be. All this is then transformed into a slick 3-minute video compellingly demonstrating why the campaign is a blue-ribbon champion.


Subjects: Awards, Marketing

06 June 2014 10:55


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