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Five ways advertisers can achieve great engagement at events
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Krissie Ford from Bauer Media.

Today, all eyes in the fashion world turn to London, as the second of the bi-annual London Fashion Weeks begins. But while the great and the good of the fashion industry enjoy the free-flowing champagne, how can media owners help advertisers ensure these significant calendar events are taken advantage of commercially? Here are five examples, which I believe are trends of note this year.

1) Innovative use of social media

The rules of social media continue to evolve, but doing something innovative to lead the change is a great way to own an event. Digital lifestyle brand The Debrief ( has announced a digital media and fashion brand partnership on Snapchat, with English fashion designer Henry Holland. This is hugely exciting – we know The Debrief's audience is passionate about fashion, as well as new digital developments, so it's the perfect way for Henry Holland to reach their target consumers.


Subjects: Marketing

12 September 2014 16:18

edcom Thesis Competition: a unique chance for communications students
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Claudia Ortiz Reyero, European Education and Training Manager at EACA.

In today's world, where youngsters are highly qualified but struggle to find a job due to the financial crisis, it becomes imperative to receive the most hands-on education one can get. This was the vision of the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) when they founded the European Institute for Commercial Communications Education (edcom) in order to breach the gap between the academic and the professional worlds. edcom, therefore, strives to promote excellence in commercial communications education and research and to further exchanges between the European commercial communications sector and academic partners.

New Student Competition

Always trying to provide our students with international exposure and "real work experience" edcom launched a new student competition last October called the Thesis Competition. The purpose of the competition is to reward the best Bachelor and Master theses dealing with commercial communications among edcom member schools.


Subjects: Marketing, Awards

11 September 2014 15:47

Apple and the case of the missing 'i'
Posted by: Antony Robinson, Director, Global Client Development, Warc
Antony Robinson

I'm a geek and I'm an Apple fanboi. So on Tuesday at 6pm UK time, I was busy refreshing my iPad Mini Safari browser to try and live stream (or at least read a live blog) of Apple's latest announcement from Cupertino.

For the best part of two hours my kids got little out of me as Tim Cook and his staff showed off the new iPhone 6/6 Plus (note to self must buy trousers with larger pockets next season), their new mobile payment system and the much anticipated new smart watch.

The tech is amazing, the software crazy, the way it was presented awesome as always. But to me what was more apparent was a slight change in brand position for the new products (this isn't just about me re-selling Apples products, I have a relevant point…).


Subjects: Marketing, Digital

11 September 2014 10:01

Brand Building in the Information Age
Posted by: Waqar Riaz, Cheil Worldwide
Waqar Riaz

Nikolai Kondratiev made a wonderful contribution to economic history with his long wave theory. He argued that the capitalist development was made of long waves. These waves are 45 - 60 years long and represent one cycle of global economic growth. They are successive sine curves highly linked to innovations in technology. According to this theory, technology is pushing the economy of brands into their 3rd wave of development. The first era was led by technological advancement in the production of goods, such as, large-scale plants, the second wave came with the technological advancements in media such as TV, Radio and Print and the 3rd wave, the present one, is led by the advancements in Information and Communications Technology (ICT).


Subjects: Marketing, Brands, Consumers

09 September 2014 17:23

Monetising data with the internet of things
Posted by: Market Research Society
Market Research Society

This post by Jane Bainbridge originally appeared on Research Live.

The internet of things (IoT) could open up the direct monetisation of data between individuals and brands according to Moeen Khawaja, partner of Umbrellium.

Speaking at today’s Market Research Society conference, Connected World, and introducing his company’s IoT search engine, thingful, Khawaja pointed to forecasts that within the next 15 years there will be between 10 and 26 connected objects per person.


Subjects: Digital, Data

09 September 2014 15:15

Secrets of the 'Smoking Kid' strategy
Posted by: Joseph Clift, Digital Product Manager, Warc
Joseph Clift

One of the main reasons we set up the Warc 100 – our ranking of the world's 100 smartest campaigns, based on their performance in effectiveness and strategy awards over the previous year – was to reward those planners who know how to put together a great case study. And, recently, we've been reaching out to the people behind some of this year's top cases to learn the secrets of their success.

We've already spoken with Lach Hall, the man behind 'Overstay Checkout', number five on this year's list, and now it's the turn of Kusuma Kusoltawee at Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok and one of the authors of 'Smoking Kid', a heart-warming anti-smoking campaign for the Thai government that came seventh on the Warc 100. Read on for the case video – and Kusuma's behind-the-scenes story of the campaign's development.


Subjects: Advertising, Awards

05 September 2014 16:38

Mind Over Matter: Why Brands Transcend Products
Posted by: David Penn, Managing Director, Conquest
David Penn

Back in the day, market research seemed to have all the answers about brands. Indeed, the scientific apparatus of quantitative research - segmentation, clustering, modelling etc. - seemed so sophisticated compared with its slightly prosaic subject matter: soap, toothpaste, biscuits and the like. Yet now the reverse seems true: brands are so central to our culture and so deeply rooted in our psyche that it is the traditional tools of measurement which seem unequal to the task. Why?


Subjects: Marketing, Brands, Consumers

02 September 2014 13:04

"Researchers should act like tour guides, helping clients navigate data"
Posted by: Market Research Society
Market Research Society

This post by Bronwen Morgan originally appeared on Research Live.

Exposing clients to the 'noise' of vast amounts of social media data can increase the demand for research expertise, says Jess Owens of FACE.

Speaking at the Market Research Society (MRS) Connected World conference as part of a panel discussing how to cut through the noise of social media data, Owens described how finding value in this data relies on narrowing down broad topics to smaller questions, and analysing these qualitatively. It is also vital, Owens says, to look to prove negative hypotheses, as well as seek proof as to whether learnings can be applied to other brands, in order to achieve intellectual rigour.


Subjects: Marketing

27 August 2014 17:21

Programmatic for B2B advertisers: 5 tips for success
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Will Bradley, a planner at Maxus for Business.

Whilst the growth in programmatic buying is revolutionising the way B2C clients run campaigns, with benefits including greater efficiency, broader reach, and stronger insights through high volumes of data, the B2B sector is trailing in its wake. We've learnt from speaking to our B2B clients that the major concern with investing in programmatic buying begins and ends with brand safety. Compared to the B2C space, B2B advertisers are generally more cautious in their approach to advertising, and therefore at odds with the automated, far-reaching approach of programmatic buying.

With this in mind, Maxus for Business has compiled 5 top tips for B2B advertisers taking that first step into the future:


Subjects: Digital, Advertising

26 August 2014 17:14

Senses and the internet: Do you smell something?
Posted by: Market Research Society
Market Research Society

This post by Bronwen Morgan originally appeared on Research Live.

The internet is currently based around audio and visual interactions, but may soon extend to all five senses, says Professor Adrian David Cheok in his session at the MRS Connected World conference.

Professor Cheok, who specialises in pervasive computing at City University and is the founder and director of the Mixed Reality Lab in Singapore, described in his session on connecting through sensation how non-verbal communication makes up more than half of all communication. This, Cheok says, illustrates the importance of the idea that we are due to move to the next stage of the internet: "from information communication to experience communication."


Subjects: Digital, Marketing

22 August 2014 15:09


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