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Google applies 'not provided' to paid search queries
Posted by: Mindshare

This article about a Google announcement regarding secure search, written by Eldad Sotnick-Yogev, is from the Mindshare Original Thinker Series.

Search marketers were thrown into a tailspin in 2013 when Google began to use secure search to remove keyword data seen in Google Analytics for organic traffic. On 9 April 2014, Google announced that the same is now happening to paid search. While many may react with panic, the reality is that advertiser's keyword data is still available in Adwords and it is only in Google Analytics that it will become more difficult to get this information.


Subjects: Digital, Advertising, Data

24 April 2014 15:13

Game Developers Conference: Opportunities for advertisers
Posted by: Mindshare

This article about the Game Developers Conference (GDC), written by Patrick Lane and Joe Ginex, is from the Mindshare Original Thinker Series.

Founded in 1987, the GDC now attracts over 19,000 attendees during its annual gathering in San Francisco. Initially focusing on computer games, the conference now covers all platforms, including consoles, handheld devices, mobile, smartphone, and tablet devices, and online and PC games, which certainly reflects on the industry's evolution in the past 25 years. The overall focus of the conference is to deliver a show that highlights the ideals of the gaming industry developers and gamer's desire, rather than the industry's current state.


Subjects: Digital, Advertising

17 April 2014 15:51

Comparing BBC Three and ITV2
Posted by: MEC

Rebecca Newman, Research Executive at MEC, explains how, using Media Z, the brand health study, MEC examined the characteristics of the television channels BBC Three and ITV2.

On 5 March 2014, it was announced that BBC Three would cease broadcasting on Freeview and satellite and become available online only. This is due to £100 million-worth of cuts at the corporation. This caused backlash from some viewers and a petition was set up to try to save the channel. There were 97,381 tweets (Sysomos) including the hashtag #SaveBBC3 within eight days of the announcement, signalling huge support for the campaign. BBC Three aims its content at a younger audience, those in the 16-34 year-old age group, focusing on new talent and new technologies.


Subjects: Media, Brands

16 April 2014 16:44

Warc Prize Social: The Grand Prix winner speaks!
Posted by: Joseph Clift, Digital Product Manager, Warc
Joseph Clift

AMV BBDO was the top-awarded agency at this year's Warc Prize for Social Strategy, taking Golds for #YouDrive, a Twitter-focused integrated campaign for car company Mercedes-Benz, and Mariachi, a tongue-in-cheek campaign for snack brand Dorito that sent a group of Mexican musicians on a "Facebook tour". The latter campaign also took the $5,000 Grand Prix, the giant cheque for which was picked up by Tom White, AMV's board account planner.

Speaking after the awards, White revealed the big strategic insight behind the campaign. In order to redefine Doritos as a brand for everyone, not just its young core customer, the agency based its work around something (almost) everyone loves: cheesy cover versions. And these songs, played by the mariachis in fans' homes and streamed on Facebook, helped drive a 23% increase in sales.


Subjects: Awards, Digital, Advertising

16 April 2014 08:25

Why mobile will fuel the new advertising paradigm
Posted by: MEC

Jide Sobo, Head of Mobile at MEC UK, discusses the possibility of increasingly relevant advertising across multiple devices.

Imagine a world where, as advertisers, we are able to gain real insight into a consumer's need state. A world where we know their interests, and their favourite places to shop. Where we understand what influences them to make a purchase and when those influences are aligned and they are most open to suggestion. A world where we not only know all of this, but are able to deliver advertising that is tailored to the individual, and their circumstances. With the right data, the ability to interpret it, and the ability to deliver the right message, we would inhabit a marketing utopia.


Subjects: Advertising, Digital

15 April 2014 17:08

Warc Prize Social: A view from the client side
Posted by: Stephen Whiteside, Reports Editor, Warc
Stephen Whiteside

Last week's announcement of the inaugural Warc Prize for Social Strategy highlighted some great examples of social media activity having tangible business effects. And the campaign that impressed our panel of judges most of all was Mariachi, by AMV BBDO for snack brand Doritos, which took the Grand Prix. (Subscribers can view all of the winning case studies here.)

But what made some of the entrants stand out from others? One of the panel of judges that decided this year's awards – Michelle Klein, a VP at Smirnoff, the Diageo-owned vodka brand – pointed to cases that told their story succinctly, made judicious use of data and proved a sustainable long-term impact on the brand being advertised. Speaking to me in New York ahead of the announcement, Klein also offered some pointed advice for next year's entrants, and discussed how she manages an "inherently social" brand.


Subjects: Awards, Digital, Advertising

15 April 2014 15:27

The future of advertising is really about better media
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by John Drake, vp of brand strategy at Drake Cooper. He blogs regularly on campaign planning.

Recently I logged in to Twitter and received a promoted tweet from Amazon. The tweet said "50% off today's Deal of the Day!" I clicked. Waiting for me was a product page of great deals on a clothing brand I had previously searched. There was a 50% off deal on a t-shirt. Because I have a relationship with Amazon Prime a click or two purchased that item and shipped it to my house. I clicked back in to Twitter to resume what I was doing. The whole thing took under 45 seconds.


Subjects: Advertising, Media

15 April 2014 13:02

Warc Prize Social: Measurement, platforms and real-time marketing
Posted by: Joseph Clift, Digital Product Manager, Warc
Joseph Clift

Last Friday was a big day for us at Warc, with the announcement of our inaugural Warc Prize for Social Strategy. In all, five Golds, five Silvers and eight Bronzes were handed out at the awards ceremony in London; the Grand Prix went to AMV BBDO for 'Mariachi', a tongue-in-cheek integrated campaign from Doritos, the PepsiCo-owned snack brand.

We set up the prize in the hope of uncovering social media campaigns that demonstrated solid strategies and – most important of all – impressive business results. Ahead of the announcement, I spoke to Molly Flatt, word of mouth evangelist at digital agency 1000heads and one of this year's judges, to discuss whether or not the entries had met this brief.


Subjects: Advertising, Digital

14 April 2014 16:14

Point of view: Brief encounters
Posted by: Molly Flatt, Social business director, 1000heads
Molly Flatt

What is the single common thing that drives every social media strategy? A belief in the power of word of mouth? People? Measurable objectives? Facebook?

Nope. It's the brief. Whether created by a planner or a marketer, whether served to an agency or an internal team, the brief is the genesis of any social media activity, whether that's a short-term campaign or ongoing community management. And if you're not achieving your anticipated results, the culprit – underneath all the cultural resistance, resource issues and problematic metrics – is probably that original brief.


Subjects: Marketing, Advertising

14 April 2014 15:45

Data, data everywhere... what price insights?
Posted by: Edward Appleton, Senior European Consumer Insights Manager, Avery Dennison
Edward Appleton

Market Research is going through exciting times - mobile, communities, biometrics are just some of the new ways technology is helping us get closer, and for longer, to the audiences we wish to understand.

DIY providers are another "exciting" innovation (more exciting for some than others….) – if you have time, inclination and hopefully ability, it's easy to link up to online access panels, use survey software at a very low cost and reduce the price-per-complete radically. Zappistore, Gutcheck are two of the higher profile DIY providers who are addressing the perception of research being slow and expensive.


Subjects: Consumers, Brands, Marketing

13 April 2014 21:41


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