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Point of view: China's running race
Posted by: Edward Bell, CEO, FCB Greater China
Edward Bell

In mid-2014, this column talked about the troubles of China's sports brands in getting Chinese to put down their smartphones and do a bit of exercise. Whether it be outdoor hiking, swimming, soccer, basketball, while they are all growing, across the board, the incidence of people around China volunteering to exert themselves in the name of for-the-love-of-it sport remains very low. However, we may be witnessing the beginning of China's own jogging revolution, akin to that which took hold of the US in the 1980s. Chinese are now running all over the place. And it is brands' use of mobile media that has provided the necessary inspiration.


Subjects: Advertising, Consumers

11 February 2016 17:11

What tech really means
Posted by: Gareth Kay, Co-founder, Chapter
Gareth Kay

I'm writing this column during the annual marketing world decampment to CES. More headlines, as usual, about whether new technology X or Y will change the game for marketers; more nascent platforms trying their hardest to get a slice of the easy money they see brands offering. Every year, it reminds me of the fundamental misunderstanding we have of what technology actually means.


Subjects: Marketing, Advertising, Digital

09 February 2016 16:13

Mad Men needn't be mad at social
Posted by: MEC

In this blog, MEC's Ed Kitchingman suggests that Social media hasn't set the ad industry back, nor is it a poor misguided cast-off. Brands that get it right, benefit from campaigns with greater reach, engagement and creativity

Ian Leslie wrote a much-praised piece last year in the Financial Times on 'How the Mad Men lost the plot'. the article critiqued the ad industry and its previous obsession with digital. It's a good read and makes some great points.


Subjects: Digital, Advertising, Media

08 February 2016 10:10

Saturation point: Desktop internet adspend to decline this year
Posted by: James McDonald, Research Analyst, Warc
James McDonald

UK advertising expenditure for desktop internet is estimated to have grown 2.6% year-on-year to £5.7bn in 2015, well behind the headline internet growth rate of 13.5%, according to the latest results from the AA/Warc UK Expenditure Report, released this week.

Further, on current trends, spend on desktop ads is forecast to begin demonstrating annual declines from the second half of this year, culminating in year-on-year growth of -0.1% for 2016 as a whole. Instead it will be the other two contributors to the gross total, mobile and tablet, which drive internet growth in the coming quarters.


Subjects: Advertising, Data

05 February 2016 09:48

Point of view: Trust and social media
Posted by: Edward Bell, CEO, FCB Greater China
Edward Bell

We just don't trust like we used to, it seems. According to a recent study, two-thirds of the world's countries fall into the 'distruster' category. A separate study from last year indicated that only 3% of Americans, British, Italians, Swedes, French and Italians say that 'business businesses are very honest'.


Subjects: Brands, Consumers

02 February 2016 10:01

When purpose becomes a problem
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This is a guest post by Wiemer Snijders, consultant on marketing, branding, and advertising effectiveness at The Commercial Works.

There is a new buzz phrase in the boardroom, and it is 'purposeful positioning'.

Purposeful positioning is a perfect example of how some people just can't resist the temptation to flog a dead horse, which in this case is the idea that people need to care about brands.


Subjects: Brands, Consumers

01 February 2016 10:11

Mythbuster: Attribution fraud
Posted by: Mythbuster, Les Binet and Sarah Carter, DDB

Les Binet and Sarah Carter get a little bit angry about some of the nonsense they hear around them… like 'attribution fraud'.

Years ago, when the internet was young, a digital strategist held forth at a party. "The thing about digital marketing," he said "is we know everything about customers and precisely how they respond to our ads. Online everything is measurable."


Subjects: Digital, Data

26 January 2016 12:21

Should advertisers invest in ‘moment marketing’?
Posted by: Richard Shotton, Head of Insight, ZenithOptimedia
Richard Shotton

WARC and Deloitte Digital recently published six major marketing trends for 2016. The most interesting is moment marketing: the idea that brands need to identify the moments and contexts where messages resonate best. It’s an important trend as the rise in consumer data and digital targeting means it’s easier than ever to identify and then reach consumers at the ideal moment.

But what’s the evidence for the importance of moment marketing?


Subjects: Marketing, Consumers

25 January 2016 10:50

Consumer motivations in South East Asia's telecommunications sector
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This guest blog is by Nick Licence, Regional Strategy Planning Director at DentsuAegis / SenseAsia

Network capability, brand trust, price and convenient service are the factors defining consumer intent in the telecommunications product sector in South East Asia, new research reveals.


Subjects: Consumers, Media

21 January 2016 12:58

Why native advertising is at a crossroads
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog
This guest blog is written by Nick Brown, CEO of Avid Media

Native advertising has reached a crossroads. The rapid rise in its popularity over the last few years has brought us to the point at which we are at today; a ridiculously cluttered and confusing marketplace. Native is in a mess and it's no wonder marketers don't know its place or future.

I can't say I was wholly surprised by the findings of a recent survey from Trusted Media Brands Inc (TBMI), implying that fewer marketers plan on using native this year when compared to 2015 (45% versus 50%).


Subjects: Media, Brands, Advertising

19 January 2016 10:40


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