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Global Ad Trends
Posted by: James McDonald, Research Analyst, Warc
James McDonald

Yesterday, we published a new long-term trend analysis: Global Ad Trends, a summary report which draws upon the data stored in our adspend database.

To provide some background, Warc has conducted an annual survey of global advertising expenditure since 1980, issuing questionnaires to monitoring organisations and/or ad industry bodies in each of the 88 markets we track. The survey covers TV, newspapers, magazines, internet, radio, cinema and out of home adspend. You can find a full list of our coverage here.

Once all markets are in, we harmonise the data (net of discounts, including press classified adspend and agency commission but excluding production costs) to give a more accurate, comparable picture of each country's ad market. This then allows us to identify meaningful trends in long-term advertising expenditure.


Subjects: Data, Advertising

21 October 2014 17:14

Why joining up the organisation needn’t be cosy
Posted by: Brand Learning
Brand Learning

It’s obvious to us that the best route to sustained growth is by motivating more customers to spend more with your company. Mergers & acquisitions and improving operational efficiency can also deliver growth, but are inevitably limited over time – so sustained growth requires selling more products and services to customers: by creating superior customer value.

The trick comes in how you manage it. Do you offer people the most technically amazing products and services in the market? Do you tailor your products for the needs of your intermediaries to create strong routes to market? Do you drive operational efficiency to delight customers with reliability, speed and price? Do you innovate to tap into emerging customer behaviours? The priorities will differ depending on where you sit in the organisation. I’m sure you can pick out the different leanings of technical, operations, finance, sales and marketing teams. And all could argue they are customer-centred.


Subjects: Marketing, Brands, Consumers

20 October 2014 13:07

It doesn't give you wings
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by John Drake, vp of brand strategy at Drake Cooper. He blogs regularly on campaign planning.

For years Red Bull has used the tagline it "gives you wings". Recently, a long-time Red Bull drinker sued the company because, despite drinking the brand for years, it had failed to give him wings or improve his athletic or intellectual performance. The consumer won and Red Bull settled for $13 million.


Subjects: Advertising, Brands

20 October 2014 12:07

Sharpening your instincts for the Digital Age
Posted by: Brand Learning
Brand Learning

Our instincts are key to survival but as we explore in this blog post, we don’t believe they are enough for us to thrive in such rapidly and dramatically changing digital times.

Last month we delivered a lecture for the London Marketing Academy entitled “From Surviving to Thriving, Sharpening your Instincts for the Digital Age,” in which we covered 4 instincts we need to sharpen for success in the digital age...


Subjects: Digital, Marketing, Brands

16 October 2014 15:51

Neuromarketing's 'dipping point'
Posted by: Joseph Clift, Digital Product Manager, Warc
Joseph Clift

Neuroscience is becoming an increasingly hot topic among marketers – and has now, officially, reached its "dipping point". That's according to Thom Noble, founder of NeuroStrata, who presented at a Warc event focusing on the technique in London this week. "It's 'dipping' in the sense of dipping their toe in the water," he said. "Clients I talked to about this 10 years ago thought I was crazy, but now they are asking me to tell them more about [neuro] stuff. They want to have a go."

And, Noble suggested, this group is increasingly including large ad agencies as well as clients. Planners in particular are showing interest in neuroscience – allying implicit research techniques with their (more traditional) study of the psychology of consumers.


Subjects: Marketing, Warc conferences

16 October 2014 15:13

Driving programmatic in Latin America
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by José Luis Valdivielso, COO Affiperf Espana Latam. He spoke at the LATAM Festival of Media in Miami and regularly visits Latin America to promote the benefits of programmatic.

Until brands start demanding more automated inventory and agencies develop the necessary skill-sets, Latin America will always lag behind its European counterparts.

Last year, €878.4 million was spent on digital advertising in Spain. That's a 21% share of the overall advertising spend, second only to TV. This year, it's expected to rise again and could reach €1 billion by the end of 2014.


Subjects: Digital

15 October 2014 12:31

Ofcom Communications Market Report: What it means for marketers
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Jan Gardner, Marketing Director at Jaywing.

Ofcom's eleventh annual Communications Market report investigates how we use various devices, from TVs to smartphones. This year, the report looked more closely at the habits of different generations, identifying a clear generation gap.

However, it is clear the digital revolution continues to change all behaviour. Multi-tasking and second screening was evident, with younger groups far happier to switch seamlessly between devices and leave more traditional media behind.

None of this will come as a huge surprise to most marketers. However, we continue to grapple with what it means. Perhaps our improved economic environment gives us a little more freedom to explore. So where should we turn our attentions?


Subjects: Advertising

13 October 2014 10:08

How marketing can pre-empt digital disruption
Posted by: Brand Learning
Brand Learning
We all know that the impact of digital technologies has changed businesses profoundly. It has created an exciting time for leaders who can create new operating models, strategies and approaches. It is of course, also a challenging time. Change brings uncertainty, resistance and failures as well as successes. We need to keep pace with our customers – but they are transforming their behaviours more quickly than most businesses are able to mirror.

In this blog series, we will take a closer look at the implications of this both on a personal and organisational level. No organisation has ever adapted without inspiring its people to change. And no individuals have effectively transformed an organisation without looking more broadly than the behaviours of a few lone people. Bringing together the individual and organisational is something we believe in passionately, and have written about before.

Subjects: Digital, Marketing, Brands

13 October 2014 09:45

How programmatic fits into the digital advertising picture
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Grant Allaway, Group Managing Director at ad2one.

Programmatic – it's the buzzword of the moment, but there's a reason for that. All sorts of brands have publicly declared their commitment to programmatic recently, from eBay to Coca-Cola to Kellogg's. It seems that brands who weren't keen to use programmatic are now on board – we know this through the recent launch of our premium marketplace, where brands can operate as publishers in their own right. But why is this and how can publishers ensure they get the most out of programmatic?

Firstly, addressing the issue of why publishers are suddenly joining the programmatic party, recently questions around brand safety and best practice have been answered in more detail, meaning that issues around inventory quality and transparency are no longer as much of a concern.


Subjects: Digital, Advertising

10 October 2014 15:27

Putting user generated content into brand marketing
Posted by: Guest blog
Guest blog

This post is by Stéphanie Bouvard, Director Asia-Pacific at the WFA.

We know that consumers will respond to brand messaging but what role should user generated content (UGC) play in brand marketing?

The WFA headed to the Spikes Festival of Creativity in Singapore in September. For the first time we didn't just listen to the best regional and global thinking but also actively participated.

The WFA-moderated panel addressed the key issue of how marketing professionals should approach user-generated content and whether they should embrace or ignore the trend.


Subjects: Digital, Marketing

09 October 2014 10:13


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