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Infographic: Social Media Strategy
Katherine Mawhinney-Kam, Designer and Production Editor, Warc
Katherine Mawhinney-Kam

Is your social media strategy working?

That's the question many marketers are asking, as they try to assess the value of a brand's Facebook fan or Twitter follower. Putting some kind of metric on social media has become the Holy Grail of digital media companies and media planners. We still lack a clear set of metrics for social media but we are learning increasingly more about how social media can be used well.

With 96% of marketers increasing spend on social media but only 23% thinking that the channel delivered a good return on investment, Warc Trends set out to summarise what makes a good social media strategy at a glance.

What do you consider to be the value of a fan?
What do you consider to be the value of a fan?
Increased loyalty
Deepened engagement with our brand
Increased long-term spend on our brand
Assessment of ROI from social media fanbase
How much is a Facebook fan worth?

This infographic was created using content from the
Warc Trends 2012 Toolkit. Not a subscriber? You can download the summary version.

Subjects: Digital, Marketing, Data

05 March 2012 10:19

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