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Positive Hate
Antonis Kocheilas, Managing Partner / Planning, LOWE Athens
Antonis Kocheilas

Here’s a little song for anyone who’s ever hated.

In the key of Grrrr.

Can hate be good? Can hate be great?

Can hate be good? Can hate be great?

Can hate be something we don’t hate?

I always thought Honda's 'Grrr' developed by Wieden & Kennedy London was a great ad but recently I ‘ve just started to believe that it can be the anthem of our era.

Honda's "Grrr" by W+K London

We are living through one of the biggest socio-economic crises. The technology driven revolution of the last decade has failed to aggravate the world’s standard of living instead it has aggravated the inequities of the world. The least needy see the most improvement, and the most needy see the least. It is apparent that our hot, flat and crowded world demands another level of innovation. Not just technology innovation, our world needs system innovation. Everyday life in the western world has become harder to manage and as a society we are facing unprecedented challenges. This crisis has taken a toll on our emotional as well as our financial wellbeing. People everywhere (Athens, Madrid, Cairo, Detroit, London, Yemen etc.) are sitting right in the middle of this disequilibrium and they are frustrated, angry, enraged.

Anger and frustration is the main product of our times, so if our time produces lemons can we use them in order to make lemonade? Can we combine hate with optimism? Can we find examples where hate changed something for the better? Can brands re-direct, use or capitalize hate (and anger) in a positive, creative way? Can the glee on peoples’ faces in the Syntagma square of Athens as they physically attacked symbols of hatred become the beginning of something positive? Or something different? Or something new? A new behavior that will lead in to new attitudes and eventually to a new better paradigm.

Subjects: Consumers, Advertising, Brands

30 August 2011 12:28

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I think you've taken on a lot, but the message is kind of clear. World's inequities, uprisings, etc. I think anger can be tapped into as well as other emotions when putting an ad or brand strategy together, but hate, now that's a bit different. Usually based on ignorance. Not sure you want to include or deal with that since doing it can easily backfire, unless you're using messaging that can dispel hate. I'm all for that.
Rob G. 30 August 2011 at 9:37pm
One could amend the unfolding emotional diatribe with ignorance and be correct.  Dispel hate?  Dispel ignorance?  Why in the world would marketers do that?  Right up there with fear...and we know how massively productive that has been.   Just look at our post-9/11 reality.  We've reduced everything, everywhere to its lowest common denominator.  Ignorance is pervasive, ubiquitous and when correctly tapped by the correct product sings.  No middle mind, just completely low brow, pop culture nonsense.  Harry Potter is a museum exhibit!  Harry Potter!  $25US a ticket AT A LEGIT MUSEUM.  Kids leave thinking they've "learned" something.  LIttle girls aspire to be Lady Gaga.  So I ask...who will give poetry to the pain and ambivalence of this generation?
Mama G. 03 September 2011 at 3:11pm
If my poor knowledge of history doesn’t fool me, the pain and suffering of the middle ages gave birth to Enlightenment. It was the merchants and bourgeois who wanted to combat the darkness with the pure light of reason, tolerance and humanism. Maybe this is our time. Maybe is the marketers and the communicators who should instigate change. Maybe...
Antonis K. 03 September 2011 at 5:20pm
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