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More on the Effie Effectiveness Index
Joseph Clift, Product Manager, Warc
Joseph Clift

One of the highlights for Warc at last week's Cannes festival was the launch of the Effie Effectiveness Index - a global ranking of advertisers and agencies in the 40 or so Effie competitions that are held all around the world. We hope the index - which we developed with Effie Worldwide - will prove to be a useful tool for marketing people.

The first-ever rankings, all viewable on the free-to-access Effectiveness Index website, amply demonstrate the global nature of the initiative. The top agency within a network was Sancho BBDO, based in Bogota, Colombia. Top independent was Wieden + Kennedy, while the number one agency network and holding group went to BBDO Worldwide and Omnicom respectively.

In Cannes, I caught up with Matt Seiler, CEO of Mediabrands and chairman of Effie Worldwide, to talk about the Index.

Matt Seiler on the Effie Effectiveness Index (2:02)

If you'd like to know more, we at Warc have published an in-depth analysis of the Index for subscribers - it's available here.

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28 June 2011 15:46

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