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What will the next five years bring?
Stephen Whiteside, Reports Editor, Warc
Stephen Whiteside

An interesting new report from ESPN, Mindshare and Unilever has attempted to predict what the media industry will look like in five years time.

The study sketched out four possible futures, and it is clear that, whatever happens, many content providers – be it media owners or brands – are going to have to change their ways.

While this does not mean the end of traditional advertising, organisations will have to provide material which entertains and engages their audience, based on a highly interactive strategy.

This is because consumers are going to take more and more control of the information they view, and the way in which they receive it.

Dave Knox, corporate marketing brand manager for digital business strategy at Procter & Gamble, has previously advanced a similar view.

"In a world where consumers don't have to put up with the interruption any longer, brands are going to have to start thinking different about content and entertainment," he argued.

Any thoughts...?

Subjects: Advertising, Media

01 February 2010 17:45

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