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Upcoming UK adspend survey
Suzy Young, Data Editor, Warc
Suzy Young

The UK economy might be leaving recession. But UK advertising is still very much in the slump.

We're currently finalising our latest subscriber-only survey of UK adspend, the most trusted source of UK data which we produce for the Advertising Association.

The 2009 numbers remain pretty grim for lots of media, with steep falls for press, outdoor and direct mail.

The good news is that our forecast, released simultaneously, looks forward to late 2011, and we see 2010 as a year of modest recovery, both in the UK and abroad.

We'll be able to say more about the figures very soon. Keep an eye on this blog for updates to any of our data, or you can follow us on Twitter - @WARCeditors.

Subjects: Data

25 January 2010 13:35

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